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    Cartoon Generals

    Check us out at
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    Recruiting Gamers for: COH, EVE, DoW:SS, WoW, AoC and more

    The =AmgC= Clan or Allied multi game Clan has recently undergone a face lift. We have upgraded both our forums and hosting system. This means that we are able to start up our recruitment program once again. The divisions that we will be focusing on building up numbers...
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    crsa' Silent Assassins are now recruiting. Normal & Tactical Realism players.

    Hello. We are the Silent Assassins clan. We wear the tag crsa' in front of our names in game, we also have a Tactical Realism group, they put * on the end of their names as well as the crsa'. We started in May of 2008 and have grown steadily since then. We have a large ranking system based on...
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    Ultimate Warriors now recruiting

    I'm recruiting for a xbox360 clan, called Ultimate Warriors. Ultimate Warriors was founded in June 2008 by myself and Kai193(who writes regularly for a xbox magazine). Our aim is to create a gaming clan that likes to have fun, but also has a competitive edge. We take gamers aged 16 and over, as...
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    BF2 clan is recruiting!

    Hi, Do you play Battlefield 2 and you want a clan to join? Then this is the place where you must be! CLAN: Special Tactical Unit CLANTAG: =STU=* / -STU-* / STU* URL: If you wanne join STU you have at least: - Your kill/death ratio has a minimum of 0.25. -...
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    ->EPC<- Clan is recruiting! BF2142 Players

    Hello everyone! The clan ->EPC<- Elite Pc's are now recruiting Battlefield 2142 players. Normally we've got 2 2142 servers, but due to a few problems our UK one has been taken down for the time being, so now we've got a US server. We're a highly international clan, with members from all...