clan recruiting

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    Cartoon Generals

    Check us out at
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    Gears of War 2 Recruiting!

    Hello good people, My name is Ben and I am the Battle Operations Captain for the Gears of War section, It is my duty to organize Gamenights, GB Matches, Tournaments, Events and Recruit. Warrior Nation is in need of Gears of War players, You don't have to have Gears 2, but the section...
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    ->EPC<- Clan is recruiting! BF2142 Players

    Hello everyone! The clan ->EPC<- Elite Pc's are now recruiting Battlefield 2142 players. Normally we've got 2 2142 servers, but due to a few problems our UK one has been taken down for the time being, so now we've got a US server. We're a highly international clan, with members from all...