BU usage for "remotely-controlled" AAMG

Randy Strader

May 25, 2014
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A strict reading of the daggered-note for US Vehicle Note 7 M3 Medium Tank implies that its the AAMG mounted in the turreted cupola (operated like a remote controlled AAMG) can only be used in CC (against non-Aerial targets). With reference to "remotely controlled AAMGs" as found in note O of the German Vehicle notes:

  • Can the US M3 Medium Tank fire its AAMG using a BU Crew in the PFPh/DFPh (incl. DFF)/AFPh?
  • Can German Vehicles whose Ch.H Entry cites German Vehicle Note O fire their AAMG using a BU Crew in the PFPh/DFPh (incl. DFF)/AFPh?
Both AFV can use the AAMG normally while BU regardless of phase, just not against aerial targets.

The M3/Lee can fire while CE against all, even Aerial, targets.



Paul M. Weir

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Apr 3, 2004
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The way I read it, for the M3 the AAMG may be used either BU or CE. The only restriction is that when BU it may not be used against an aerial target. IE as a normal vehicular MG (possibly FG with BMG/CMG), in CC, Overrun either BU or CE but must be CE to fire on FB, DB, non-landed Gliders and descending Paratroops. So Yes to PFPh/DFPh/AFPh usage. There no ban on it being used by a Rider either.

As for the GVN O vehicles, again Yes to usage in PFPh/DFPh/AFPH, but must be BU and cannot be fired by a Rider.

Rider must be a Hero to fire any otherwise allowed AAMG (A15.23).

In both cases if you can use a BMG/CMG then you can use the AAMG with the above restrictions (M3: BU=No aerial target, GVN O: No aerial target or rider fire ever, must be BU for all other fire).

For the most part the above correspond to my understanding of the historical usage/limitations of both types. The only quibble is that the M3 can have its AAMG fired by a rider/Hero even when BU which is ahistorical, but that's going to be a very rare occurrence.

So it's nice to see that my reading of it got it right and in accord with Perry, no surprises.