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  • Randy, I went ahead and booked airfare and registration for the Consim World Expo signing up for "Last Blitzkried." I already have a roommate for this event, Jeff Coyle, an old friend. If you plan to attend, there is a local gamer here who might be looking for a roommate and I can put you in touch with him. Otherwise, I think you can troll on the Expo thread.
    Randy Strader
    Thanks Ray. I think I am probably going to go as well. Will likely book into the Residence Inn across the street on points, and have Jamey Cribbs and Jeff Toreki as potentials to split the room. Looking forward to a lot of BCS and GMT Games.
    I am always up for some DASL. Happy to play you some DASL at both venues. I'll make sure and bring my original DSL hardboards to both places. Looking forward to meeting you and rolling dice.
    You are more than welcome, you well deserved the rep. You very well laid out many of the thoughts at the back of my mind.
    As an Irish citizen I feel our successive governments have been craven. "You vill bent ofer! Schnell" - "Yes, your honours ladyship and how wide do you want us to open, two fingers or all ten?".
    As for the "friendship" thing, here in GS it has little functionality, but I have happily agreed.
    Heya Randy .. thanks for the rep. So you are a PTO fan too huh? NICE. I take that you are going to the Texas tourney. I played Reinesch when he came by Hong Kong a week ago. :)

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