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  1. SSlunt

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    May 26, 2012
    Calgary AB
    After attending the West Coast Rumble in Nov. 2016 I got a request to play a Vasla RB campaign versus Darren Kovacs. This is only my third Campaign Game and my first game on Vasla

    Darren and I have played 4 games at various tournaments – my record against him is 0-4

    Being the glutton for punishment that I am I accepted his challenge. On the proviso that I get the Germans. Darren did not hesitate.

    My purchase for the first date was 2 Rifle Coy and Stukas . Fortunately for me both my given OB and my purchased were Full strength. So I start the Campaign with 48 squads and 3 tanks.

    When it was time to roll for my Stukas I got them on my first try and I got 3.
    RBCGIII  - start.jpg

    By the end of the first date I had 3 wrecks, the Stuka really did no good and I had lost 21 squads and 5 leaders. The only really saving grace was that I had (in my humble opinion) gained a fair amount of terrain. I think that I had eliminated 18 Russian squad but no leaders

    The Second day had me purchase 1 Rife Coy and 1 Sturm Rifle Coy (both Full) and Stukas. This time I only got 1 Stuka but it did a good job in showing that most of the Russian concealment counter in the Commissar’s House were just that Concealment Counters. By midway through this date my Sniper had been eliminated.

    RBCGIII - Start Oct 18.jpg

    This date saw the Germans push in the L14 factory and near the end be summarily ejected by the Russians. I did push hard into O10 factory and forced the Russian out past the midway point
    I was also able to capture part of the Commissars house in BB18 and both fortified levels in BB18
    My slight foray to play in the Volga was beaten back but I did get to DD6 in the East and A24 in the

    On Oct 19th I felt that I needed to really make a big attack on the next CG date. With my on-board forces and the time that it may have taken me to get my purchased forces in place, I decide to take a chance that Darren would spend points to put squads on the board and not call an Attack of his own – I was correct and we start next on Oct 20th with another German attack. My purchase for the day will be posted after the day is played
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  2. bendizoid

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    Sep 11, 2006
    Viet Nam
    Good luck, Darren is one of the best. He used to play Jim McLeod, good practice I would say.
  3. Bob Miller

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    Jul 29, 2005
    Thanks for sharing I didn't see it above but how has the ELR worked out so far after the first few dates. Any Russian Attack chits get played yet?
  4. Darren Kovacs

    Darren Kovacs Member

    Jul 12, 2005
    Victoria BC
    Thanks for the accolades. You Chicago boys were always a lesson in humility but lessons well learned.
  5. Darren Kovacs

    Darren Kovacs Member

    Jul 12, 2005
    Victoria BC
    I suffered an ELR loss already; ELR 2. On the first date the 2 rifle companies given were both depleted and no HMGs nor MMGs from them. I had only 1 MMG from a militia Coy plus some light mortars. The next date I took a chance with purchasing the HW platoon and a militia Coy more hoping to get more long range weapons. The HW platoon paid dividends that date but left me vulnerable on my ELR roll.
    Even with all the casualties I administered by the end of the date I was still outnumbered so was expecting the Germans to keep up the pressure so I didn't want to waste an attack chit at this point. Turns out we were both happy to have a reprieve maybe me more so to build up. If I thought the Germans were not going to attack I would have gone for the night attack for sure.
    The mind games. I love it!
  6. SSlunt

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    May 26, 2012
    Calgary AB
    The 20th started with overcast. Very quickly we had rain and then heavy rain. With the idle day and the purchases for the 20th I had added 2 Sturm Coys - Full and 2 Rifle Coys 1 Full 1 depleted. The depleted Coy only left 1 LMG at base.
    Part of this great game some of the events that transpire.
    Very quickly we had rain and then heavy rain. The rain lasted about 3 turns then stopped. Then in the last turn the rain started again.
    During the Russian turn 2 Darren initiated 5 CC and added a Squad to an existing one. By the end of the phase the Russian had lost 5 squad that had entered into Close combat that turn and the Germans were down a half squad but up two leaders.
    The Russian used their Artillery very effectively as it kept the Germans from swarming on the Far West or East. The Building J22-K22-K23 became a very contested location. In the end the Russian were able to hold on and push the German out.
    The scenario went the full 8 turns. At the end each side had lost over 30 squad equivalents
    The Germans have reached and crossed the gully at A40 and the shore at GG11

    Oct 20 Start
    Oct20 Start.jpg
  7. bendizoid

    bendizoid Official ***** Dickweed

    Sep 11, 2006
    Viet Nam
    Thanks for the ARR. Where are the Russian reserve troops? The Germans have some great opportunities. good luck!
  8. Eagle4ty

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    Nov 7, 2007
    Eau Claire, Wi
    Yes, mid CG day casualties can be frightful! As the Russian I once suffered 130 CVP casualty count, what a blood bath that day! Never Surrender! Never say die, die, die, die!
  9. clubby

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    Dec 27, 2015
    Man that looks like fun. I'd love to learn the ropes of CG play.
  10. SSlunt

    SSlunt Active Member

    May 26, 2012
    Calgary AB
    Oct 21 Starts Clear and Gusty- with over 20 squads from the previous days fighting missing from the roll. In attempt to make up some of the loses the German purchase two more first line squads and two modules of 80mm OBA
    My plan is to push to the board end in the East and then move west taking as much as I can. At the same time to try and take the long factories in the middle and Take the building BB18 oct21 start.jpg
    All of my reinforcements will push hard. In a South and East direction
    Half squads will move and search. I expect casualties (Thank you Captain Obvious) but I also expect a lot of exposed Russians either to punish with Fire power or OBA
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