1. echack

    Coin Envelopes!

    So, I've decided to convert my Ordnance and Vehicles from Planos to coin envelopes, using the label files from Doug Sheppard on the Texas ASL site. I started with the French as I got them last summer but never put them in Planos. I also bought a corner clipper and decided to clip and file. For...
  2. von Marwitz

    Article The 'Ultimate' RAACO Storage v1.0

    This 22 page article provides what I would have liked when I began planning to set up a RAACO storage for my ASL stuff in one file: Basic premises before you start, hardware needed, best way to organize counters according to premises along with thoughts & reasoning behind it, process & best...
  3. Michael R

    a box for your maps

    who knew?
  4. T

    Raaco HandyBox and trays

    I have today received notification that on the 10th September 2012 we will receive over 500 Raaco PSC4-01 empty trays with smooth lids, I have also requested Handles & catches in different colours Red, Blue, Orange and Black This will enable us to supply the trays with the half height inserts...
  5. M

    Counter Storage - Together or Separate?

    Do you recommend keeping the counters from the Historical Modules and Historical Studies in separate containers or just adding them to your nationality trays?