Article The 'Ultimate' RAACO Storage v1.0

"The 'Ultimate' RAACO Storage - All you need to know" by von Marwitz

  1. von Marwitz
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    This 22 page article provides what I would have liked when I began planning to set up a RAACO storage for my ASL stuff in one file: Basic premises before you start, hardware needed, best way to organize counters according to premises along with thoughts & reasoning behind it, process & best technique for labelling inserts, and a link section to other valuable resources. It will save you a LOT of time.

    This is the low resolution version because of size limits for resources at GS forum. A better version will be available in the Downloads section of the Texas ASL Club (

    This article will also explain the file with about 1100 labels for use with A75 & A78 RAACO inserts which covers all ASL Core Modules and a bit more. This label file will be available here at GS forum as a PDF. Another version in Excel format (.xls) which allows you to edit and expand on the labels to suit your personal needs. As GS forum appears not to accept the .xls format, this latter, much more useful version will, too, become available via the Texas ASL Club.

Recent Reviews

  1. greuh
    Version: v1.0
    This is exactly the article I was looking for a year ago. Still valid and will be used. Many thanks, sir !
  2. Hemaelstrom
    Version: v1.0
    Incredible detail, answered all my questions, extremely useful for anyone considering using Raaco for ASL counter storage