panzer command

  1. Scott Tortorice

    Borosov and Little Sasha AAR

    Heinrich505, one of the winners of our "Hell on the Ostfront" contest, has submitted another AAR. Check it out, it makes for great reading: Borosov and Little Sasha As always, if anybody else has a great AAR and would like to submit it for the front page, just let me know (it doesn't have to...
  2. Scott Tortorice

    Third Map Maker Tutorial Vid Released

    Check it out here: Map Maker Vid 3
  3. Scott Tortorice

    How is the infantry combat?

    How is infantry handled in this game? Is it like CMBB where an entire squad is represented by 3 men? Is it like Achtung Panzer where each man is represented on a 1:1 basis, but squads move as a unit? Or is it like Theatre of War where you also have a 1:1 representation, but you can split up...
  4. Scott Tortorice

    Two New Map Maker Vids Released

    Here you go: PC: Ostfront Vids
  5. Scott Tortorice

    Hell on the Ostfront Contest Announced!

    “We are in the position of a man who has seized a wolf by the ears and dare not let him go.” – Generalmajor Friedrich Wilhelm von Mellenthin It witnessed some of the most brutal warfare in human history. Never before had so many men, tanks and aircraft clashed on such an epic scale. It was...
  6. Scott Tortorice

    Panzer Command: Ostfront Map Maker

    I posted this vid last Friday: Map Maker Seems like a really powerful tool!
  7. Michael Dorosh

    Panzer Command: Ostfront announced Matrix announced this today. Feature list: * Includes all previous Winterstorm and Kharkov content for FREE, in addition to the all new content listed below. This is the complete Panzer Command for the Eastern...
  8. T

    Panzer Command may be at a deadend.

    Just saw on the Matrix forums that the developer for the Panzer Command series is kaput. This explains a lot about why the alledged update is taking so long. Looks like Matrix is trying to pick up the pieces, but this makes it kind of a long shot to go after the CM1 market. I know this is a...
  9. Michael Dorosh

    Mobius Strip

    From the Panzer Command forums, in a conversation regarding the Marder's main armament - a tangent about Russian equipment: Um. Huh? Doesn't that presuppose that "many other games" do their research on Wikipedia?
  10. Okimaw

    So now what?

    I've been reading with great interest the Stick a fork in it - CM is done thread. It seems most of the regualrs here, myself included, are not happy with the evolution to CMSF/CMx2. So with everything being said, what can we realistically expect for the CM community in the way of any kind of...