1. Tycho


    Close combat... Can a unit attempt to withdraw from CC/melee (A11.21) in the first round of close combat? Melee is listed as occurring if units from both sides survive the first attacks (A11.15). In the giant sequence of play foldout, in step 8.15B the word melee is in italics, which...
  2. K

    Tank w/ ACQ fires into melee

    Hi fellow ASL'ers Semi strange situation. A tank in VBM in e4 (doesn't matter I think) fires at melee in F3. He's got a 1 ACQ on my guys (regular ACQ, not the big area one). Is the To Hit the same for my men as for his own? Am I easier to hit because of the acquisition? Situation...
  3. tunixx

    What is the effect of fire on a halftrack in melee ?

    Please take a look at the attached picture: The 2-2-8 is overrun by a US halftrack (No effect). The halftrack choses to stay in that hex. The 2-2-8 gets a chance to kill the halftrack in CC but fails. So the 2-2-8 is held in melee by the halftrack, but the halftrack is NOT held in melee by...
  4. James Taylor

    Rout into a hex with a vehicle unknown to router

    >I've attached a .jpg of the situation. Note: The Rumanians (Green meanies without the blue border) are allied with >the Russians against the Hungarians (Green meanies with the blue border). > In the situation NQ is in effect. The brokies in Y2 cannot see the immbolized vehicle in Z1 because...
  5. James Taylor

    Melee Withdrawal Timing

    Half-squad is in melee with an immobilized vehicle. Troops friendly to the vehicle advance into the melee. CC is sequential because of the vehicle. May the half-squad withdraw without being attacked by the enemy infantry/vehicle because it gets to go first in the sequential CC? Or does...