lone canuck

  1. hayesncsu

    ASL for Fun Recommendation

    Good afternoon! Could someone please recommend one of the ASL for Fun scenarios from LCP? I've looked at them all and just wanted to hear from someone who might have played one and had a good experience. Thank you!
  2. =FC=Gorgon

    OzB: Capture board edge?

    In the OzB CG game, if the Russians get the north board edge (the Axis friendly board edge), does that prevent the Axis from entering on any portion of it? For example, if one has TL (say from a foxhole) that abuts the board edge or its control zone abuts the board edge, can the Axis player...
  3. S

    Lone Canuck Campaign Game - Tactical Location Control

    We are just finishing up the 1st "campaign scenario" in Lone Canuck's "Crossing The Moro" and looking toward the defining of each side's controlled areas. In "Crossing The Moro", one of definitions of a “Tactical Location (equivalent to other campaign’s Strategic Location) is a hex that contains...
  4. S

    Reserve Guns Setup in Lone Canuck CGs

    I am just about to start a Bloody Buron campaign game and am working through setup issues. I have a question on how you setup a gun that is purchased in reserve. Is it setup HIP like any other gun or does it need a cloaking counter? The rules state that "the side receives one Reserve...
  5. I

    Lone Canuck TBBA #1: Dead Man's Corner (Errata?)

    In this scenario, the Germans are defending against an American attack from offboard. On the turn record chart, it says Americans set up first, Germans move first. This goes against the conventions I have seen in turn order for scenarios with attackers who come completely from offboard. I...