1. Scott Tortorice

    A New Game from Sins' Ironclad?

    Ironclad, the geniuses behind Sins of a Solar Empire, have unveiled a cryptic new website: What could it be?!? If you look closely, there is a faint dragon in the background. A fantasy game from the folks behind Sins? Could be as Ironclad has often...
  2. Scott Tortorice

    Patch 1.32 Now Available

    New patch available: There goes another campaign in progress....:rolleyes:
  3. Scott Tortorice

    Sins: Rebellion

    Looks like some news might be released shortly. From Ironclad's Twitter feed: Nothing there yet, though. :cry:
  4. Scott Tortorice

    Patch v1.3 Dev Diaries

    Looks like Ironclad is preparing to release a major patch that paves the way for Rebellion. To explain the changes that are coming, they have published two dev diaries (with a third coming) to explain the whats and whys: The first two you can read here: Sins of a Solar Empire...
  5. Scott Tortorice

    Post Your Awesome Sins Screenshots Here!

    If there ever was a game that deserves a screenshot thread, Sins is certainly it! I'll start: Here is a shot of a new Kol capital putting to, I mean to space from drydock:
  6. Scott Tortorice


    I forgot all about this medieval epic. Based on this trailer, it is looking quite good!
  7. Scott Tortorice


    This looks like it will be a great flick. It has a solid cast (James Purefoy, Paul Giamatti, Richard Attenborough, Robert Carlyle, Bob Hoskins, Pete Postlethwaite, Brian Cox, William Moseley, Jason Flemyng and Kate Mara). The plot: The following teaser trailer is comprised of some early...