aslsk scenarios

  1. BigAl737

    Starter Kit Scenarios With Full Rules

    As an ASL returnee...(the starter kits sucked me back in after a 15 year hiatus), I've just started playing ASLSK scenarios with the full rules. I figured that I'd use the full rules since ASL is just like riding a bike (except where its different) and I'm surprised by how much I still remember...
  2. Manilianus

    Working on a scenario pack

    I've been working on a 1939 Poland campaign game, but had to take a pause with it, due to current lack of both time (unexpected college stuff) and experience in deisgning full blown ASL scenarios. I think I will return to it after a while, but not very soon. Anyway, I thought that it would be...
  3. 62nd Army

    Updated Official Starter Kit Scenario Source listing (8/20/10)

    Gentlemen With the release of Special OPs #3, the official ASLSK scenario source listing has been updated. Regards Joe Starter Kit Scenario source: SK1: Starter Kit #1 Retaking Verville SK2: Starter Kit #1 War of the Rats SK3: Starter Kit #1 Simple Equation SK4: Starter Kit #1...
  4. SamB

    The Best Starter Kit Scenarios

    OK, there are quite a few out there now... What are the BEST starter kit scenarios. In terms of balance, fun, what ever... And yes, we'll have a tournament at the end of May, but that has nothing to do with the question. Really. :D
  5. A

    wanted starterkit scenario

    NEW ASL Starter Kit Scenario - No Monumental Acclaim there is anyone that has got this scenario included in opartion magazione 52? please it is possible to have a photcopy of this csenario? thanks armyda my address is
  6. Kevin Kenneally

    Starter Kit scenario listing

    All, Just uploaded a Excel spreadsheet with all the SK scenarios out so far. Go to the downloads section and look in the MMP area.:)
  7. Michael Dorosh

    Complete ASL Scenario Listing - where to find them?

    Is there a list of where to find the scenarios (i.e. which copies of Operations)? I have the following S1-S6 - ASLSK1 S7 Operations 46 S8 Operations 47 S8-S16 ASLSK2 S17 Operations 48 S18 Operations 49 S19 Operations 50 S20-S27 ASLSK3 S28 Operations ? S29 Operations ? Are there...
  8. Evan Sherry

    Are there enough Starter Kit scenarios?

    Are there enough Starter Kit scenarios now, or do SK players want more SK scenarios before they transition to ASL? Evan Sherry
  9. Evan Sherry

    New Starter Kit Scenarios

    Ten brand new Starter Kit scenarios will soon be available. Stay tuned.
  10. A

    Scenarios for ASL starter kit #2

    Are the scenarios for ASL starter kit #2 available for download anywhere? I couldn't find em in the Vasl scenario archive. Thanks.
  11. ecz

    scenarios SP > 108 and starter kit 1-6

    I checked in the VASL site but I cannot find the starter kits scenarios and those numbered 109 and more from Schwerpunkt. Is there anyone that can say me where find them (if already available)? thanks
  12. Reepicheep

    Starter Kit Scenarios now on W.A.R.S.

    I've just added all six ASL Starter Kit #1 scenarios into our W.A.R.S. ASL Ladder. So feel free to play a newbie in a starter kit scenario and count it towards the ladder. :)