1. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXVIII - October 6th thru 13th, 2024

    I finally got around to updating the ASLOK website with the info for this year's ASLOK. We're back at the Bertram in Aurora, OH which was well received last year. A reminder that folks staying onsite at the hotel is what allows ASLOK to happen by hitting our room numbers so if you need a room...
  2. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXVII - Official TD AAR

    Stopped by the hotel to drop off plexi and make sure all was well. 2 games going on. Both from the new AP. Philippe vs Big Bad John was the only Cup match. The one, the only Madman Mike McGrath was looking for an opponent. Dave Ginnard has been offering airport shuttle service to attendees...
  3. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXVI - Official TD AAR

    Stopped by the hotel yesterday to check on how things were going under Wild Bill's watchful eye. The World Cup was all tied up at 2 apiece. 20-some were already through the door by Saturday afternoon. I counted 22 but probably missed a few in that count. Pre-Reg list has pushed to 97 and I...
  4. Bret Hildebran


    The ASLOK Flyer for 2020 is now available as is the ability to book online via our room block: Room Block: I will have flyers at Winter Offensive as well...
  5. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXIV - Official TD AAR

    Stopped by the hotel in the early afternoon on Saturday and the gaming was already going strong. I saw 20-something there and playing. My official through the door count is at 21, but I'm confident that's low by a few. The early World Cup count was 2-1 USA as I believe Magnus Rimvall was the...
  6. Michael R

    Rodgers' ASLOK AAR

    Game 1 J14 ON THE HOSS’ SIDE versus Jim Mackay. Jim is a local player and sort of new, but been playing regularly for three years. He chose this scenario from a list that I published online before ASLOK. He wanted the Japanese so he could work on the caves and complexes rules. My Americans did a...
  7. Michael R

    Early ASLOK XXX photos.

    Not very exciting, but I wanted to be the first to post some photos. :nuts:
  8. Michael R

    looking for ASLOK matches

    I have a list below, but I have one game already arranged: Bloody Red Beach with Brian Martuzas. Since I need to read about seaborne assaults and cave complexes, I wish to make it more worthwhile by playing a few of those. There are several on the list, but if you see anything that tickles your...
  9. P

    ASLOK - Looking for roommate

    I'm going to ASLOK this year and have a room at the hotel. Looking for a roommate to share the room costs. Private message if interested and we can work out the details. Thanks.
  10. Michael R

    A bit of ASLOK on vidoe

    A bit of ASLOK on video Very dull, but better than nothing if your not here (maybe). I'll try to do a few more, but no guarantees.
  11. Michael R

    my ASLOK scenario list

    This list is way bigger than I will have time to play, because I am in the minis on Thursday and Friday and Saturday. I made it bigger than necessary to increase the possibility of finding opponents. I have not played any of the scenarios. I have never played on the SC, FB or PHD maps, but...
  12. BattleSchool

    ASLOK 2012 World Cup Matches

    Attention US players below. I am interested in prearranging some games for 29 Sep - 2 Oct in advance. I intend to play a maximum of two games per day. If you are arriving early and would like to prearrange a game, just drop me a PM/email indicating your interest and preferred time slot...
  13. K

    First Timer ASLOK AAR

    This was my first year to ASLOK. Though I have been to other tournaments regularly since 2000, this was my first time running with the big dogs. I ended up 5-3 for the long weekend. Eight games is more than I’ve ever played at a tournament, but I had an early start on Wednesday. I will...
  14. synicbast

    Snakey Pete's ASLOK AAR Part 5

    Saturday 9th October Where the hell have the last 7 days gone? It's a Saturday morning I'm up ready to go straightaway and i get paired against Kevin Meyer again in the last PTO Mini - well at least i know this game is going to be fast and furious ... 2.5 hours later and I'm out of another...
  15. synicbast

    Snakey Pete's ASLOK AAR Part 3 Tuesday and Wednesday

    Clarification: Previous instalments were a day out for when I met people, due to the issue of jet lag and the days all merging into one. Tuesday 5th October I'd finally managed to get some sleep and gawd was it needed. I had breakfast with some of the ANZAC crew and the Euros. Feeling more...
  16. synicbast

    Snakey Pete's ASLOK AAR Part 1

    Friday October 1 Up at 6am to catch the 9am train to Sydney for the 2:35 pm flight to San Francisco. I was bringing my PTO boards, a folder of Action Pack scenarios and the AP6 boards, the rulebook, some dice, system counters and the Japanese, Chinese and Soviets along with some Red Barricades...
  17. Michael R

    what was on your ASLOK XXV name tag?

    On top of everything else that Bret and Bill did, they personalized the name tags of pre-registered players with a bit of humour or factual trivia. I think this was a really awesome thing to do; it was a great conversation starter as well. My name tag said "Canadian ASL Open TD". Sam Belcher's...