asl - skulking

  1. Honza

    Defensive Stealth aka Skulking

    Is skulking such a crime against reality or realism? Is that the main argument against it? Well, how about considering the fluidity of the defense and the defenders natural attempts to be stealthy? Rigid defenses are brittle and may snap. I think soldiers knew that. If a defense line has a...
  2. Jim McLeod

    Taming The Skulk

    OK gents, like a certain other activity we all do but seldom admit to in polite conversation, we all like to Skulk. Nothing wrong with that, the rules allow it and we've been doing it practically since the first GT. That said, it does not really pass the sniff test as far as being...
  3. wrongway149

    Change the foxhole rule? (B27.4)

    Should rule B27.4 be changed to make foxhole movement consistent with routing from a foxhole? (extra MP to enter/exit foxhole is combined with COT to allow unit cover of the FH throughout the entire one-hex movement.) Should this be allowed for all movement, or just Assault-moving units?
  4. Jeffhew

    Skulking... Strategy or Sleaze?

    I am getting back into ASL after a 20 or so year hiatus. I have been searching and reading as much info as I can to get back up to speed. Fortunately, this site has a plethora of articles and player aids to make this transition as painless as possible. I have come across numerous articles...