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  • Telumar, good afternoon. I was just wondering what graphics mods are you using for your TOAW? I love how clean and easy on the eyes it is.
    I am a new TOAW player and still trying to find a combination of mods that give me the best combo.
    Thank you for your help!

    It took me longer to answer your message than it took you for an average turn.. but well ;)
    I'll be off for holidays from August, 8th until the first week of September - i don't know if i'll find the time to finish it for the playtesters until then. So, maybe you'll have to wait until September.
    Anzio is in the final stages. There should soon be a beta/playtest version. Actually it's already playable and after setting up replacement rates and some finetuning here and there, there's only the briefing/documentation that needs to be finished. :) Patience, boys.. ;)
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