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    Nope still alive. you can reach me at
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    Hey, Good to hear from you. I would like to get going again. I am around all day tomorrow.

    Hey, Good to hear from you. I would like to get going again. I am around all day tomorrow.
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    Kreta Map Version 2

    Fellow ASLers, New Krete map is now ready. The new map created due to your demands are done and are being shipped to me today. We have changed the website to reflect this. The map is non-glossy, heavy paper cut into two pieces. It is packaged with a cardboard protector and shrink...
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    Kreta Map Fix (ideas and concerns)

    OK, guys have a good understanding what we can do about the map. I will post the ideas here, please don't turn this into anything other than how it's intended i.e. if you hate me or what we are trying to do I'm not that interested...but if you want to help then I'll listen! The following are...
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    What would you Pay ?

    KG, Well, KGs whole purpose is to be able to expand. An Island is no exception. The issue with a whole Island fight is that some would not be fun for the Japanese. However if any of you want to hear of help with some ideas, you know how to find me! SD
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    RBFII - Status

    Recent orders with Recon and other things are going out today and Wednesday. If you want to see recon try SD
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    HoB Boards

    Good point, I don't think that Chas knew that the cat analogy could be a clue!!! SD
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    Best J5 scenario?

    I am playing J80 now in the Cyber open. As the Germans I think I am getting my arse kicked with three tanks down so far. Anyone else play this one yet? SD
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    HoB Boards

    Chas, is the cat a clue? SD
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    HOB Beyond the Beachhead unmounted maps

    I have a few unmounted maps left for those who are interested. SD
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    Former GENIEites who still ASL

    I think I have a floppy with some Genie posts on it. SD
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    Boston Wins !!!!!!!!!!!

    More importantly on Good morning America Curt told em to vote Bush!
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    HoB's Firefights!

    Firefights are designed for quick play and the ability to get one or two actions in one sitting, when you just want to play. I have just written some mulligan rules that would work nicely with FF, and other small scenarios. We get lots of great positive feedback on FF and like the concept. In...
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    Novelty Scenarios?

    ZOMBIES. Mark P. Thanks for the tip. When I got home I read the Zombie rules and it was so damn funny and creative! He has to make more! Steve
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    RbF and ASLOK

    RBF-9 Rolling Stones. 04-40 Norway, Delux boards, Two platoons of Germans try and go uphill in the snow with Vikings rollig rocks at them. Norway 8 squads v. 9 second lines and 3 first lines and 2 PZIIa. RBF-10 Tip off at Tauroggen. 6-41 Lithuania. Two boards. River crossing. Soviets...