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  • Hey, thanks for the rep. Sometimes I think it is easy to forget the horror when it has not been confronted personally and the situation is seen only as a game. I love ASL and minis and have played a few games with my son. I have always made sure that he knows something about real war,outside what the game teaches.Thanks again,prymus
    First time I've seen the "visitor messages" section- thanks for giving me visibility to this.
    My Dad's uncle, now deceased, was well-adjusted and had a great life after the war. My Dad relayed stories to me (he was very close with his uncle) about his experiences. They included night attacks by the Japanese and even instances where they had infiltrated and killed a few guys in thier sleep. Of course, it goes without saying that he had difficulty sleeping, nightmares, etc. He was a good family man, active in the community and VFW. He always had a joke to tell; which, I wonder sometimes whether than was a defense against the things he saw. I suspect, though, that he just wanted to live life to the fullest.
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