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  • I see you're really into vikings. Can you recommend a good book for a newb such as me? I've becoming increasingly fascinated by them, especially since discovering their affinity for board games. :)
    Send me your address and I shall stick a cd in the post; they are too large to email. I am currently still resting between jobs and have been refused several that would have been dream jobs for me (not even a bloody interview). On the other hand, I have been working on my PhD better than I was before and I have made significant progress on my figure painting too, so it is not all bad.
    Ruarigh, hows things, am between jobs at the moment and about to carry on the job of scanning scenarios again, got six new packs through last week!! Also is there any chance that you can send me the pdf rules again as somewhere along the line I have misplaced the disc that you gave me.
    sent you a pm with johns mobile numbers, he hasnot got yours to contact you for a game.
    Excellent. I have a lot of free time at the moment (well, apart from all the time I seem to be spending doing the housework), so I shall look forward to it. I went into work on Monday. We had a meeting with one of the bosses to discuss the redundancies. We had been led to believe that this was for more discussions, but he kept us their late and then told us not to bother coming to work in the morning. I have appealed and will pursue an unfair dismissal claim because they have not followed procedure. I could do with a game or three of ASL to cheer me up.
    May be down in your neck of the woods for several weeks as I may be working for Eastern for a while at Humberside, will let you know more asap
    I shall not be at Heroes because it is the same weekend as my wife's birthday and she does not fancy a weekend in Blackpool! I look forward to hearing from John.
    John is going to be down this month and will be in touch, do not like the sound of the work thing, hope all goes well there, are you going to Heroes?
    Excellent. I should be available for a game. In fact, I might have lots of spare time soon if things go as I expect at work :-(
    Afraid not, there is a slim chance, but not sure when. john will be down before me tho.
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