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  • "I hear Canadian men come here because American proctologists have bigger fingers."

    "Are you saying there are THREE scrotes now?"

    Tried to rep and failed. Well done!
    Why would I tell Tater not to be an ass? It would be like telling my 5 year old not to act like a child.

    "If you like 'women' with lumberjack boots, flannel shirts, and crew cuts.... :clown:"

    Indeed, I am intolerant of idiots who call everyone who disagrees with them Nazi Socialist Commies.
    I think the question is - Who DON'T I shave??

    I was thinking of growing my hair long and being a dirty hippie like you, but it would look funny with a receding hairline. :p
    "the good ones do"

    Original conservatives of which I would probably place myself (a little Libertarian in there as well). :thumup:
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