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    Magnus Rimvall and I finished our playing of this scenario. Magnus had the defending Americans. He set up almost everything to protect the town. Although the AARs I read recommended against the Germans trying for the exit VC, Magnus' setup sorely tempted me. As well, charging across open ground...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Bruno L'Archeveque and I finished a VASL session of J174 HEART OF ATHENA, a true thinking man's scenario. Bruno chose Wire, ?, and FBL with his fortification points. My British attack stayed pretty close to the victory hex rows. The tramcars were mostly shot up while moving before they could do...
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    Tournament Likes / Tournament Hates....

    Try for two rounds per day, rather than three. The first round needs a start time and an end time. The second round needs a start time. You can specify no end time, IMO, only if a tournament staff person will be available for rules questions/disputes. Choose scenarios that more or less fit in...
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    Increasing LOS Level Height

    Yep, re-assigning the Mission Control hot-keys did the trick.
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    Increasing LOS Level Height

    This feature is not working on my Mac. I have unchecked "arrow keys scroll map" and restarted. Ctrl+UpArrow, Alt+UpArrow and Command+UpArrow do nothing. What feedback does VASL give to tell you it is changing the LOS height of the firer/target?
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    Increasing LOS Level Height

    Are you using a Windows machine or a Mac? These instructions do not work on my Mac. Ctrl+UpArrow actually is read by the OS to do something.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I finished a PBEM match of MM25 FUTILE BRAVERY with Jeff Sewell. I had the Germans and misplayed their setup badly. I did not anticipate that the northern bridge garrison would not be able to fall back because of Russian units on both sides of their area. I believe the Germans needed to be much...
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    Scandinavian Open AAR

    Jonathan Kay posted the following AAR on FaceBook Recap from my annual week in Copenhagen at the Scandinavian Advanced Squad Leader tournament: Game 1: J187, “In Deadly Combat,” with me as Russian attacker commanding a large Russian force assaulting the German-held Crimean town of...
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    Olive Groves and Vehicular Wall Advantage

    I would say "yes", the vehicle is Hull Down, with WA or not. The only difference is to adjacent infantry on the other side of the wall.
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    Overrunning Foxhole in Road Woods Hex?

    Foxholes are N/A in a paved road hex.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I finished a PBEM game of 139 THE WEIGH IN with Joe Moro. Joe had the attacking Germans. We gave the balance to the Germans. After four turns, however, the balance of an extra German turn did not help. Joe conceded with 52 CVP of casualties (the cap is 56). One of my Polish 37L ATG destroyed six...
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    GameSquad forums software update

    I do not see the Donate button anymore.
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    Finnish tank museum - Parola

    The Finnish Army museum in Helsinki is worth a visit. It has a lot of WW2 artifacts.
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    It certainly was not my intention when I voted for it. I do not read the implication that you read, and besides, an implication is meaningless.
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    GameSquad forums software update

    If you are not in a thread, you can see TWO buttons for marking a forum as read. The button on the right does the current forum instead of all forums.