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    BSG: Razor

    Just rented this today... was severely disappointed when Blockbuster girl said they wouldn't have BSG season 3 until March... what a fantastic, intense show... never would've thought it given how boring the original was...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Hello Hello, Kilroy is here Pleased to meet ya, Kilroy
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    Game, anyone?

    cmbo I'll play a cmbo game if you still have room... Troy (Kilroy)
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    CMBO Opponent Wanted

    cmbo game I'll play a CMBO game... whatever type and size... We'll have to work out a few things- flak vehicles, air support, etc. so get in touch if still available I think i'm playing Lurker a CMBO game now... 5000 point ME
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    Concealment Gains

    Is attempting to gain Concealment at the end of a player turn Mandatory?Who checks? The defender only or both? If so, can the non phasing player check potential LOS from each and every possible unit that may stop concealment even if, say, the first one to check denies the concealment. Also...
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    Free concealment checks

    A 6.11 says, " During play, neither player may make potential LOS checks to determine if a LOS exists for an attack until after that attack has been declared." Correct me if I'm wrong or if I missed something but doesn't that mean a player can check LOS to any hex from his units during any non...
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    Interdiction by pre42 Nazi paratroopers

    Pre 42 Nazi paratroopers are considered partially armed... in this case a 548 is treated as a 228... Is this considered half firepower for interdiction purposes, thus not allowing interdiction? No MMP errata... both RBs... couldn't find definitive answer... Thanx, T-roy
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    Is a CT, BU, Motion AFV in bypass at ground level of a Two Story Building ADJACENT to the First Level of the same building hex for Rout purposes? If so, why? Infantry on the tank can't unload at all in the advance phase so how could they conceivably Advance into the First Level?
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    CC v. Vehicle

    Here's the situation: the Nazis Advance into a building location containing a motion, bypass enemy bu AFV. Nazis have 2 heroes, an 8-1, and a fanatic squad, thus no paatcs are necessary. Ambush mods are +2 vehicle, +1 bu AFV, -1 stealth, -1 leader. Nazis ambush so designate CC attacks...