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  • i would be a bit disappointed too with the anime tunes. i like their edgier stuff like 'Rush.' how were Noodles? one of my many weaknesses is girl bands. 'I Want To Be Your Special,' kool tune
    Hey I just saw the message you left me, some times Im just unobservant. I have never used paper figures to game with, however, I have one or two modern paper buildings that I might use. I don't have anything against them they are cheap and you can quickly gather an army, however, I like the more solid 3d look of actual minis even if I am not the best painter. But really thats just a personal preference. Plus you have to consider the cost of ink to print them all out in good quality.
    Sorry, Kawai, just saw your DoW post. I would get all the expansions (usually available as a Gold pack) as DoW 1 was excellent with every expansion, even the non-relic Soulstorm, bringing value.

    This is probably too late, though.
    Didnt disappear to anywhere, I login about everyday, just havent been posting, these forums are gone man.
    I was browsing the Mark Levin Fan Forum today and found a thread about the Russian warship that docked in SF. I posted a link to your pictures here, but they couldn't view them because they aren't registered with GS. So I 'borrowed' a few pictures and posted them over there. I hope you don't mind.
    I haven't had a chance to give your article a close look yet. For the last two weeks its been a struggle to get an uninterrupted thirty minutes on my PC. :) I promise I'll get to it as soon as possible. :eek:
    Hey,no problem buddy.I see the forums as a place to come for help and give help.I try to give information clearly earmarked as my understanding or opinion, yup even I can make a mistake :) All knowledge has a starting place, even the smartest dude didn't start off that way. If you have any more questions and want to ask me don't hesitate. I'm pretty much always willing to help and if I don't know something I'll tell you. There is a lot of smart people here too, so chances are if you post it they will come.Take care and God bless.
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