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    Ctr Aeroplane question

    In Ctr, I have a situation where there are two adjacent hexes. One includes an unconcealed stack and the second is a concealed stack. One side has a B-25J Mitchell, and wants to make a combined strafing/bombing run. Clearly, you want to line up so the sighting TC is against the unconcealed stack...
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    King of the Monster Scenarios?

    Starting 2nd playing back-to-back of CtR17 Clearing the Badlands (Corrigedor) with Jay Dragonetti on VASL. Not the biggest of the big, but pretty huge. 52 Ami sqds vs. 52 Japanese sqds and 15 turns. Amis get both 350mm and 150mm NOBA and a pair of the most powerful ground attack planes in the...
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    How could KGP have achieved more?

    Just finished my 3rd reading of Time for Trumpets, an excellent book. One question I keep coming back to is how could KGP have achieved more than they did? High water mark in the area of Stoumont Station, neat Stoumont. I'm asking what could KGP themselves, 1st SS panzer etc done differently -...
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    CtR HASL Map Question

    The way the building in DD22 is drawn suggests that the rubble in CC22 was most likely part of the same building. If so, then I would assume that DD22 should have a bigger center dot, signifying presence of a level 1 location?
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    Ctr HASL Map terrain question

    Ok thanks Rick
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    Ctr HASL Map terrain question

    The CtR HASL map appears to have cliff hexsides (black) on some elevated level hexsides, such as V27-V28, V29/V30, and Y29-Z29. However, there are some hexsides around Crockett Ravine that appear very slightly lighter, suggesting hillside hedges - such as MM30-NN30, OO31-PP31, and KK30-LL31 ---...
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    Rout out of Panjis

    I think the Panji rules say that the MF cost to move below Panji can't be combined with other costs. Not sure, but can routing out of FH be combined with next hex entry cost?
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    Rout out of Panjis

    A unit advances into a jungle location containing a HIP Panji counter across a covered hexside, The Panji is then revealed and they are placed above the panji counter. In the next fire phase, an adjacent HIP enemy unit reveals itself and fires at the unit above the panji counter. The unit above...
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    Another slope rule conundrum

    Thanks guys - it does make sense in light of A4.61-.63.
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    Another slope rule conundrum

    Slope rules (referencing Ctr 6.3) says ""barring other obstructions to LOS, an up-slope unit - even if not in a hill crest line hex - can trace a LOS across an up-slope hexside of its hex to a lower elevation (i.e. across a hill crest line)…" The rule doesn't mention how many crest lines or...
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    Slope rule conundrum

    Situation: I'm playing one of the Corrigedor scenarios. A HS with a MTR is on Level 1 of a building (hex KK12.1) that happens to have upslope hexsides around 3 hexsides of its hex. The base level of the building is on Level 1. An enemy unit is moving at Level 0 11 hexes away (hex Z14), with the...
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    Your favourite sentence in ASLRB?

    Sounds kind of like "How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood".
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    G1.424 DC Hero question

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    CtR HASL map

    Is there a LOS from PP11 in the Topside Barrax (Lvl 2 and up slope) to VV8 (Lvl 0)?
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    G1.424 DC Hero question

    But why does Transferring a DC to a THH require creating a THH?