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  • Hersh,

    Guess I need to check these forum msgs. haha I've been talking with Corey and he threw me in the email loop. and he is currently making my Russians feel inadequate in Tac#2. Hope to come up to NashVegas and play soon and meet everyone. If you ever feel like a PBEM game, let me know, I can try live VASL, but these little crumb snatchers of mine usually only give me about 10 minutes of peace at any given stretch; and thats only if I sneak off the the bathroom. haha Glad to virtually meet you and hope to play/meet soon. Lee
    Hi ! I'm in Jackson(TN) and would love to find some FtF games. Do you by chance have a shop or club where people in Nashville play on a regular basis? I have no problem driving up, i have family in town, and just wondered if you have rgular games? Any info would help, West TN is a ghostown for ASL. Memphis has a few players, but have had little luck getting a game together. Thanks in advance. Lee - leethornton@click1.net
    I emailed Trezza after I saw your post looking for a first round opponent. I don't know if Gary contacted you yet, but he replied to me that you (if hershmister = Hershey) and I will be first round opponents. My name is Brian and my email is aloha_brian@yahoo.com. I guess I know which three scenarios from the first round I would pick, I just need to put them in a 1 to 3 order.
    See you later,
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