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    Anti-Virus programs

    I've used Norton for almost twenty years problem free, for Mac and PC. Symantec and Mcafee are the gold standards. I've also used AVG, however, without any problems. Still, I suspect that the big guys are going to cut off an emerging virus/trojan/etc faster than the little guys. It's just...
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    Beverage Poll

    Usually coffee, but at night on the weekends a glass or two of red wine; strictly for medicinal purposes. Same with the coffee.
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    Poll: ROE question 1

    Well hold on. I wasn't referring to trucks or wagons, but to half tracks. Page 43 of my manual (it's real old) under the heading "Assault" says: "To assault, the attacker(s) must have an assault value greater than "0"... and must have enough APs to assault...". Page 44 has a bunch of info...
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    Poll: ROE question 1

    I've always felt that if it's in the rules then it's OK. If two opponents, however, want to adjust the rules for their particular game, then that should be OK too. I guess it's kinda like en passant in chess. A lot of people opt not to use that rule, even though it's written into the rules of...
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    Which do you prefer?

    Scenarios by email. Never played directly online, but seems like it would be way too time constraining. I have played "team" emails, where two of us split up our allied units and two split up axis. Allied player A would make his move and send to Allied player B without ending the turn. Allied...
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    W.A.R.S. System -- Questions, suggestions, and feedback

    Perfect! Very nice. I tested it with a new one I'm playing now. Worked perfectly. Nice work. Thanks!
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    W.A.R.S. System -- Questions, suggestions, and feedback

    Great Work Nice work guys. The only additional feature that would be nice (maybe it's there somewhere) is a search tool, so I could put in the name of a scenario someone wanted to play me, without having to search for the scenario manually. Not a big deal though. Anyway, I was one of the...
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    Tournament Matchup and Turns: "Orsha to Berlin"

    This Is the End Thanks Triaxe. Believe it or not, but I had a ball. You're as perfect a winner as you are a player. Good Luck the rest of the way and see you again the next tournament. Let Ray know the final score. _
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    Tournament is on hold.

    Welcome Back Hi Ray, I quit. Aw I'm just kidding. I'm in. I say we name the tournament something provocative like: 1-900-BIG-GALS. Or is that what you meant by "Orsha to Berlin"? Dave
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    Rules and Regulations for Tournament

    If it helps, I can back out and be an alternate. That would bring it back to an even number of players. Or we could open up the turn around time a little. Most of us are going to play pretty quick anyway. Also, we could keep the turn around time as is, but give everyone 2 or 3 "passes" for the...
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    Tournament is on hold.

    Ray, I don't know all the details, but as this is my third tourny with roughly the same guys, I can take a good guess at what's going on. If the WarfareHQ "powers that be" keep overruling, then how about a tourny outside of warfare HQ? Just pick the guys you'd feel comfortable with and we'll...
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    Lets get started with the tournament(signup sheet)

    I'm in. Don't care what the scenarios are. Thanks Krink.
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    CS MODs

    Hi Jason, Since we can all go on and on suggesting what we'd like to see (most of which is to the original game engine which I know you can't do anything about), how about you suggesting some things you'd be capable of pulling off (and willing to) and maybe having the rest of us vote for what...
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    CS MODs

    Hi guys, Seems to me I've seen this mentioned in the past, but I'll risk repeating it here. I'd like to see a modification to the engineer units that would allow them to lay mines and construct bridges. I think it would add a lot to the strategy level of the scenarios.
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    Battle for the Canal 1942, Final result

    Thanks ER Congratulations to Krink. As the last place finisher I have been happily watching the action from the safety of the local beer hall and am feeling no pain. I hardly remember losing at all at this point. In fact, it won't be long until I've convinced myself that I was actually the...