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    Would you consider "The Longest Day" a classic film?

    Could have been worse Psycho. Betamax Laser disk reel to reel???
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    Would you consider "The Longest Day" a classic film?

    To paraphrase Sean Connery from the movie there sure is a lot of weird blokes in this thread.
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    Who's your favorate horror movie villain?

    The Demon in all the Exorcist movies, I think it is Pavalu, from the statues. And whatever was chasing Ash from the Evil Dead.\ Btw, it looks like Evil Dead 4 comes out next year!
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    The best sci-fi movie ever made?

    1. not really a movie, but Robotech 2. The first Dune 3. Chronnicles of Riddick
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    What material would you like to see made into a movie?

    I would like see Robotech redone al a Transformers. The Veritechs were much cooler than transformers, Go-bots and battletech combined. A treatment on the Battle of Cameron by the Legion
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    Basic Tactics Links

    Sorry for the necropost, but since SZO is down, does anyone have a link for McGrath's Tactics 101? TIA Doc
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    May a Mortar spotter deploy?

    a. May a mortar spotter deploy? b. if so, does the mortar spotter designation deploy with one of the HS similar to a SW? yes to both .....Perry
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    ASLSK- Good Order Unit ?

    good order means the unit isnt suffering from any adverse affects. eg. Broken, pinned, under Task Intensive, i think CX. Disrupted there are probably more, but the old Guard will know more than I Doc
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    Complete ASL Chapter N (AH/MMP) Armory

    Thanks Jackbear!!!!
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    VASL pbem playtest opponent wanted

    I can help. I guess I would still be considered a newbie, about 30 games so far. let me know. Doc Martin
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    Report from the Asl Recon Tournament

    Suddenly I have the picture of KD as Col Kurtz from Apocalypse Now, in his malarial dreams repeating "the horror, the horror" as his opponent makes a comment about what the smell of naplam is to him. Doc
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    PSK counter

    thanks Doc
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    PSK counter

    I have some PSk that have firepower and range listed as 8-5. I am guess this is a misprint, from KGP, given the odd color of the counters. Is this correct? thanks Doc
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    GOD SAVE THE KING--ABtoF thru turn 3 AAR

    why the RAF didnt have air cover over Arnhem Mark, there are a few reasons for this. While the RAF had dedicated air support for 21 AG, and XXX corps inparticular for the drive in, they decided they did NOT want to have any over Arnhem. Reason, clutter over the battlefield of thousands of...
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    Good ASL Products?

    Errata Errata to MPitcavages rendoring under priority 3, Replace the word Attack with Attic