Why the T-35 counter is not correct.

Discussion in 'The ASL Designers Forum' started by tailesin, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Jan 28, 2013
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    Well, Yes, you will never see many scenarios with T-35's. Most of them simply broke down without firing their weapons. But some of them did.

    When they did, their turrets were probably used and the coaxial MG's in the 45L armed turrets did also fire.

    The ASL counter does not have those coax MG's. Why? Error or intentional to simplify. Anybody knows?

    I'm about to start AP13 "Shielding Moscow" and I will give them some use if my T-35's had them.

  2. Blackcloud6

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    Apr 20, 2004
    Probably for simplification. The note does say that it was difficult for the commander to control all the weapons, so maybe it was some sort of penalty?
  3. Paul M. Weir

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    Apr 3, 2004
    It was indeed for simplification. One early designer/developer comment in a General (I think?) said that there were just too many MG for easy keeping track of.

    While control of 5 turrets might have been a bit of a headache for the vehicular commander, each 45L sub turret had a 2 man crew, the same as a BT-5/7/T-26 (3 in the 76* main turret). The sub-turrets were in effect the same as used in the BT-5/early BT-7 but without the rear bustle. Not allowing IF or RoF for the 45L seems a reflection that the commander's directions would be concentrated on effective fire by the main turret. So if you do want to give the 45L a CMG, I would be inclined to degrade that also from a 4 FP (as on a BT-5/7) to 2 FP. 2 FP also matches the FP of the MG sub-turrets that have 4 FP when mounted on a T-37/38.

    The reason the main (76*) turret has only a 2 FP CMG is that was mounted in its own ball mount and not linked to the MA. Same reason for 2 FP CMG on the T-28 and BT-7A.
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  4. tailesin

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    Jan 28, 2013
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    Many Thanks Paul,

    That reason was what I imagined. I think it's a pitty. Most of the interest in this tank was because of it's multi turreted firepower. Taking in account that with it's weak armour and lack of reliability it would not last very long on the battlefield I would have included the coax machine guns for the 45L turrets. Not so much time to keep trak of them. Scenarios with T-35's would never be many. I would have liked the added chrome...

    I'm not a fan of the trend of reducing some coax MG's firepower and in this case turreted MG's firepower. Maybe they were not coupled with the main armament but this was made to increase the field of fire of the MG?s and when they were fired it was done with full intention from a stable platform (when stopped) and with dedicated optics (as good or bad as they were).

    You read how the commander of a french Char B or D2 guns down infantry, the crews of german pak 36 (37L), destroys trucks etc... and then your game piece just has a 2 MG with one shot per player turn...meanwhile polish infantry gets assault fire just for having a BAR instead of a full LMG (?).

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