The New XBox is a Joke

Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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The shadows
llUnited States least according to the initial reaction on the internet. Examples:

The Internet Reacts Hilariously To The Xbox One Event



Divided by One: Critics react to the new Xbox

Take a glance at CVG's comments threads (here's a good start), and you'd be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft had invested money in North Korea's nuclear program, or, er, confirmed a constant 'always online' console.
Xbox One: "E3 is absolutely all about the games"

What a difference an evening makes. When I sat down to talk with Harvey Eagle at a hosted live-stream session yeterday, Xbox UK's marketing director seemed happy, relaxed. His countenance suggested that, but for a few buffering issues handling the feed from the official event in Seattle, everything had played out as expected. The plan had come off without a hitch.

I wonder what story his face would tell this morning. Confusion and disappointment reigns, on this site and many, many others, and it's all down to the games - new and used, on and off, backwards and forwards.

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That Xbox One Reveal Sure Was A Disaster, Huh?

And on and on and on....

Before I read any of this I had a bad feeling about the XBox One too because I saw one of the VPs of Microsoft on Bloomberg TV yesterday pushing the XBox One and came away thoroughly unimpressed. During the interview the VP said a whole lot of nothing except for copious references to changing the "TV experience". I don't know about you but I don't think most people buy a game console to watch TV. In fact, don't we all play games precisely because we reject TV as a source of entertainment? Right there I knew something was wrong. When I finally got online, I saw my hunch was vindicated by all these posts.:D

So, what do you think? Has MS surrendered their advantage to Sony? Or is it even possible that the PC will come from behind as the go-to game machine once again?


Nov 10, 2005
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I can't help thinking that accountants and lawyers design terrible games, gaming systems, and media events.

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