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Oct 20, 2007
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The episode on Buron was fantastic and had live cameras views. Really shows how wide open the terrain was in the Canadian sector.
If you haven't bought Marc's book yet - you should.

Maps are better than anything I've every seen - some are gridded and you can put a 1:100,000 military protractor down on them and shoot a real fire mission if you wanted - one is of artillery target points for just that.

I think that's why he won the American award - - lot's of gunners higher up professional in the U.S. Army.

That's Mike Bechtold - and he's coming out with an Atlas of Normandy soon that will be must have.

Did watch the Falaise ones yet - very good?

Hate to say it, but the boards for One Tough Canuck are all wrong, probably the VFTT Shambles too really. The Dives is in effect an AT ditch.

All the other Canadian stuff is good too. Look for the Hedgerow video - it should require an overlay-based module to revise bocage - it should really be sunken path-roads with woods on top.

Thanks to WW2 TV - a lot of spending on new authors - still need to fill out my Terry Copp shelf.