Recruiting Gamers for: COH, EVE, DoW:SS, WoW, AoC and more


Oct 24, 2008
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Port Lincoln
The =AmgC= Clan or Allied multi game Clan has recently undergone a face lift. We have upgraded both our forums and hosting system.

This means that we are able to start up our recruitment program once again.
The divisions that we will be focusing on building up numbers within are as follows:

=AmgC= 1st Special Operations Battalion: Armed Assault [1SOB]
=AmgC= Aquilonian Commandos: Age of Conan [AC]
=AmgC= Socius Corpus: EVE: Online [SC]
=AmgC= Tactical Raiders: World of Warcraft [TR]
=AmgC= 1st Ranger Division: Company of Heroes [1RD]
=AmgC= 1st Holy Warband: Dawn of War: Soul Storm [1HW]

However we are also seeking players in the Battlefield series, COD Series
and many other games.

If you are interested in applying for the =AmgC= Please proceed to the forums, and make a general recruitment post. When you fill out your recruitment post please make sure to include the division you are interested in applying for within the other section of the division area, so that we can begin your trial for the specified division.

Trials last for a minimum of 1 week. All requirements of the trial will be explained to you upon successful completion of a recruitment application.

AmgC forums:

Please feel free to add me to xfire so that you may ask any questions you have. Also be aware that the forums are still under construction, so your recruitment app may not be answered as quickly as is normally the case.