GWASL Consolidated Errata

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Dec 13, 2004
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The following is the accumulated known errata and clarifications for GWASL modules 1-16. I hope to add !7-20, Hindenburg Line and Cambrai HASL at a later date. This is cross-posted from the CH Message Board.

GWASL ERRATA/Clarifications (Consolidated):

GWASL I – Tankschrecken!

· No Errata.

GWASL II – Blasted Woods
· #12 – Window of Opportunity, SR2, last sentence: Shellholes eliminate any other terrain in a hex and replaces it with open ground. This is difficult to replicate without open ground hexes. Should this be changed to, ‘replace it with a shellhole counter’?
· #15 – Flag Signal: Advance!, German OB, board reference to O should be board N.

GWASL III – Over There!
· #24 – Outworks Objectives, US OB, MG Elements, delete reference to ‘IN trenches’.

GWASL IV – Samsonov’s Army
· #29 – Fresh Blood, German set up instructions, change west edge of board A3 to ‘east edge’.
· #30 – Samsonov’s End, German OB, add three 2-2-8 crews.
· #33 – Action Along The Wilja, SR, What is the River’s depth?
· #34 – East Of Sosenka, SR, What is the River’s depth?

GWASL V – Hapsburg Ambitions
· #36 – Bread Not Blood, Russian set up, where do the Russians set up? The instructions refer to one wrong board and anywhere on the other which is in the A-H set up area. I suggest it is either in hexes < 4 or enter from off map.
· #39 – To The Very Last Hour, Russian set up, where do the Russians set up? Hexrow N on board A7 is behind the Austro-Hungarian wire. I’m thinking it is ‘on/south of hexrow N on board A2’.

GWASL VI – Blood on the Isonzo
· #43 – Hill 383, Objectives, should be equal to or less than 8 Austro-Hungarian MMCs… (not equal or greater than).
· #47 – Tolmino Bridgehead, Italian Variations, should be ‘Remove the 37* MTR and crew from the Austro-Hungarian OB.
· #49 – Vrtojba, Austro-Hungarian OB set up instructions, reference to board A11 should actually be A10.

· #51 – Driven Out, Set Up, The Australians set up first.
· #52 – The O.G. Lines, Set Up, Australians set up on/between hexrows E-Q on board A10;
· Objectives, should be changed to ‘A18 D0-D15-D20 printed trench line OR the one that runs from N0-N13-N20.’

GWASL VIII – Ottoman Adventures

· #59 – The Bergmann Offensive, Turk OB, add to Kurdish reinforcements two 2-2-7 crews.
· #65 – Fir Tree Spur, Objectives, change to: ‘The ANZAC win at game end if there are no Good Order Turkish MMC IN trenches on board A21 and A10.’

GWASL IX – Bulgarian Summer
· #67 – Pristina Halt, Historical Summary, the date should be changed to ‘1915’.
· #73 – Rakija Courage, Serbian set up instructions, change ‘on/west’ to ‘on/east of hexrow F…’

GWASL X – Slavic Warriors
· #76 – Kosaningrad, Set up for both sides refers to wrong boards; change as follows: Serbians – ‘set up < 6 hexes from the east edge’; Austro-Hungarian – ‘set up in level 1 or higher hexes’.
· #77 – Delay Before The Drina, Austro-Hungarian Set Up instructions, there are no level 1 hill hexes on board A29. Change from board A29 to A8.
· Variations, the variations are reversed.
· #80 – The Liberation of Sabac, Objectives refer to stone buildings on board A27, even though there are none. Change board A27 to A30; change set ups for both sides – Serbians set up on board A27 and Austro-Hungarians set up on board A30.
· #82 – The Battle Of Kolubara, Serbian set up, change to: ‘set up west of the river on board A14, and anywhere on board A22 (See SR 3).’
· Special Rules, add to SR 1, ‘The River is Deep.’
· Add SR 3, ‘Each Serbian trench must set up in a contiguous chain of 8 trenches adjacent to > 1 other trench.’

GWASL XI - Balkan Aspirations
· #84 - Stand At Brasso, The Romanian set up instructions refer to boards A9 and A10 which are not in play. Where do they set up? My guess is =/> 6 hexes from the western edge.
· #89 - Saving Moldavia, The Hungarian set up instructions are in conflict with Romanian set up instructions as for both sides setting up on board A25. Where do they set up? My guess is that the A-H Honved Brigade sets up on boards A9 and A21.

GWASL XII – With The British In Palestine
· #94 – The Battle of Rafa, British OB, there should only be 11 crews in the 5th Mounted Brigade.
· #96 – Stand At Sire, British set up instructions, portion that says, ‘Set up on boards A35 and A43 < 10 hexes from the south edge’ should actually replace that with north edge.

GWASL XIII – German East Africa
· #99 – Under Kilimanjaro, Objectives, there are only level 2 hill hexes in play even though it calls for level 3. Recommend changing level 3 to level 2.
· #101 – Adui Tayari, recommend adding two turns to 9 total.
· #104 – Effective Effendi, German set up instructions refer to board A24 (which is not in play). Recommend changing it to A39.
· #105 – Under Kilimanjaro, German OB, according to Variations, should the 9-1 actually be a 9-2 leader instead?

GWASL XIV – Yser Stand
· #111 – The Retreat Of The 800, Objectives, add ‘non-malfunctioned’ before LMG.
· #112 – Black Devils And Car No. 7, Belgian set up instructions, change reference from board A48 to board A49.

GWASL XV – Vimy Ridge and Beyond
· #119 – High And Dry, Canadian set up instructions, change to: ‘Set up IN trench hexes on board A53’.
· #122 – Courcelette, SR 4 add, ‘The Canadians receive an Offboard Observer recorded at level 2 along the west edge.’

GWASL XVI – Rising Sun
· #125 - Borderers In The Line, The Germans have a Field Phone in their OB, yet nothing in their SR's about its OBA strength. We need an errata/clarification? My guess is that it is either 100mm+ (HE) OBA with Plentiful Ammo, or delete the Field Phone.
· #123 – Rising Sun, The OBJECTIVES should probably be refined to say that the Japanese win at game end if they have more Good Order MMC IN trench/pillboxes in the German set up area than the Germans. Otherwise, the Japanese can sit back and need never attack (as they have more MMC).
· #124 – Outer Ring, The Armored Cupola is SR #2 is undefined. It needs to have an Armor Factor, armament, and turret type given.
· #125 – Borderers In The Line, The Armored Cupola is SR #2 is undefined. It needs to have an Armor Factor, armament, and turret type given.

GWASL XVII – Greco-Turkish and Great Wars
· #131 – In The Shadows Of Antiquity, Greek set up instructions, the Greeks set up area overlaps with the French; change the third group to the following: ‘Set up on board A59 in hexes numbered < 2, and/or > 19 and anywhere on/between A-C:’.
· #132 – Orders To Resist, Special Rules, they should define the river depth (i.e., Fordable).
· #134 – To Kavala, set up instructions, Bulgarians should set up first, Greeks move first.
· #135 – Sporadic Clashes, Special Rules, they should define the stream depth (i.e., shallow or deep).
· #138 – Mecca By Any Other Name, Allied set up, change references from ‘Board A62’ to ‘Board A31’.

Dave Lamb

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Dec 13, 2004
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GWASL XVIII - Fall of the Kingdom
  • GWASL 18 Special Rules, 2.6, 2nd sentence, 'New 1-2-6 MG Crew counters' should actually be 1-2-7 (and are what is actually provided in the OB counters).
  • #139 - Serbian Ally, Variations, after Austro-Hungarian listing, add "(FRU)".
  • #140 - The Eastern Front, Variations, change Austro-Hungarian to 'Add a second Austro-Daimler armored car to the A-H OB.'; and in the Serbian Variations, change 'Increase' to 'Decrease'.
  • #141 - The Western Front, Austro-Hungarian OB, add three more 2-2-7 crews.
  • #142 - Dreadnought, compass rose, rotate it 90 degrees (with north facing the top of the scenario card).
  • Add to Special Rules, SR1, 'The River is Fordable.'
  • Board Layout, replace board 66 with board 61.
  • Variations, change Austro-Hungarians game length to 16 turns, AND Allied to decrease it to 12 turns.
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