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This errata supersedes all other previously published errata. Thank you to Andrew Hershey, Peter Rogneholt, and Derek Spurlock who spent countless hours compiling, reviewing, and revising the errata. Thanks to all the designers who gave input, as well as scores of others over the years on the various forums who sent comments.


RbF I-1 Weather the Sturm

HSR 1:Replace “clear” with ‘Moderate’.

HSR 2:Add ‘secretly recorded during setup’ between “Observer” and “at”.

HSR 5: Change to ‘……..Russian 6-2-8/3-2-8s are…..’

HSR 8: Replace with OtO PT-34s/rules if you own the module.

RbF I-2 Aggravation at Agrigento

Tactical Objective: Delete the last three words.

Italian OB: The Italian ART Guns are "Cannone da 75/27".

RbF I-3 South Park

US OB: The AA Guns should be labeled M51 and treated as M55. The unlabeled US tank is a M4. The reference to HSR 5 for the ART Guns should be HSR 4. Replace 2-2-6x3 with 2-2-7x3.

HSR 4:The US 155mm ART Guns may not setup Emplaced or possessed. Recovery attempts for these Guns may not be made until a Known German unit is in LOS to such a Gun counter (treating the Gun as a Good Order unit for this purpose only).

HSR 5: Add “or if the SW is fired/transferred/dropped.“

RbF I-4 Used and Abused

HSR 2: Delete the full [EXC] and Replace with [EXC: The following roads still exists; 37A5- 37H4-37P5-X5-GG5 and 14I10 -W5-Y10].

HSR 3 Delete 2nd sentence and Replace with ‘Place overlays as follows; B1 on 14R7, B2 on 14S6-T5, G2 on 14O6-O7, O2 on 37P2-Q2, Wd5 on 14D3-C3.’

HSR 5: Replace with ‘If a Good Order Mobile Japanese AFV is not adjacent to another such AFV at the start of its MPh but has LOS to a Known enemy unit it may disregard D14.23 for its current MPh.’

RbF I-5 Paper Line

See ATF-1 on our website

RbF I-6 Desert Fortress

German Set up clarification: Units setting up on half-hexes common to two boards are counted toward squad equivalent limits on both boards connected by that half hex.

Australian OB: Battlefield Integrity Number is [312].

RbF I-7 Into the Cauldron

HSR 1: Delete 2nd sentence. Replace with ‘All buildings are two-story buildings [EXC: aJ2].’

German OB: Add a 2-2-8 Crew to the initial German OB. German reinforcements enter on the north edge.

RbF I-8 Germeter by Meter

Tactical Objective: Delete the 1st sentence. Replace with ‘The side with the most VP at game end wins (if tied, for the Americans to win they must have inflicted more CVP than they suffered).’

Add HSR 5: Off-board hexes of board 39 are in effect for entry.

German OB: Germans receive 12 AP Mine Factors, not 2.


Page 29: 1st column, last paragraph, line 9 change “<” to ‘<’.

RBF 11 Gut Check

Russian OB: There should be a “?” under the foxhole counter, not ‘2’.

RBF 16 The Bitter End

Russian OB: The second Russian leader should read: 8-1 x 2

RBF 17 Third Hotspot

HSR 1: Add ‘[EXC: Steeple Location]’ after “exists.”

APC Player Aid

See APC Player Aid version 2 (RBF 4).

Deluxe Map Overlay BF2

Hex I1: This is treated as per Q5.5.

Hexside N2/O2: This is treated as per B31.1.


Q & A

Q. Are the T-3 and T-4 the PzIII and PzIV respectively?

A. Yes. The T-3 is Axis Minor Vehicle Note 38, and the T-4 is Axis Minor Vehicle Note 39 – PzIVH(g).

RBF 20 Amateurs at War

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.

Russian OB: The T28s should be the M34 version, Russian Vehicle Note 11.

ADD HSR 3: All T-26s have the optional CMG.

RBF 21 Massif Assault

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.

RBF 22 Breaking the Massif

Romanian OB: The Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.

RBF 23 Romanian Holiday

Romanian OB: The R1 should have black MP.

Russian OB: The BA-20 should have black MP.

RBF 24 Meeting Again

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.

RBF 26 Flatfooted Cavalry

Tactical Objective: Add as last sentence, “A tie is a Romanian victory.”

Romanian OB: The R1 should have black MP.

ADD HSR 3: All T-26s have the optional CMG.

RBF 27 Romanian Panzers

HSR 2: Add “Russian” between “All” and “infantry”.

HSR 3: Delete this HSR.

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.

RBF 28 Breakthrough!

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.

The T-4 Side/Rear AF is 3.

RBF 29 Blocked Escape

Russian OB: Elements of 511th enter on the west edge on a dr < the Turn number.

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.The T-4 Side/Rear AF is 3.

RBF 31 German Rescue

Russian OB: The BA-20 should have black MP.

RBF 33 Brought Low in Lojev

Historical Perspective: Replace ‘Yugoslavia’ with ‘Ukraine’.

Partisan OB: Delete the word “Slovak”.

RBF 35 Vakarel

Balance Bulgarians: Add a 3-4-7 and 7-0 SMC.

Balance Germans: Add two 4-3-6s.

RBF 37 The Fangs of Transylvania

HSR 2: Delete “but guns must always be in tow” replace with “and guns must set up in tow.”

Hungarian Set Up: Change See HSR 2 to HSR 1.


Q & A

Q. Is hex Q5 on board III a steeple as per B31.2?

A. Yes.

BtB 1 Taking Tailleville

Canadian entry:Replace G1 with GG1.

BtB 2 Merely Hanging On

German OB: The tank destroyer is the GSW39HPak with 75L (German Vehicle Note 103).

BtB 3 Kraut Corner

HSR 3 clarification: A dismantled MMG counts as 2PP here.

BtB 4 Firestorm in St. Manvieu

HSR 5: Add the word ‘hex’ to the end of the last sentence.

BtB 8 Steel Inferno

German OB: Change PzVGx3 to PzVGx2.


Buck 1 Welcome to the Jungle

Board Orientation: Disregard the artwork on the boards and use only the board numbers and North indicator when aligning the boards for play.

US OB: Add a 5-4-6 to the at start forces.

Buck 2 Repple Depples No More

HSR 3: Add No clouds and Full Moon.

Buck 8 Cut, Slash, and Mow Them Down

HSR 2: Add Overcast and Full Moon.

Buck 9 To Take Back A Hill

US OB: “(SR6)” should read ‘(HSR 4)’.

High Ground!

HG 1 Pinched a Tank

Location: Tobruk, Libya.

HSR 2: Delete “while still mobile or with a functioning MA.”

Italian Set Up instructions: Change “or’ to ‘and/or’.

HG 2 The Gifu

HSR 2: Add ‘Pillboxes set up Known [EXC: their contents may still use HIP].’

HG 3 Bumps Along the Tiddam Road

HSR 2: For purposes of Bog Checks (only), Mud rules are in effect for all hill hexes.

HSR 3: Replace with ‘All Carrier HS are 2-4-8s. All units entering on Turn 1 are treated as Gurkhas.’

HG 4 Cohort and the Phalanx

Tactical Objective: Change to ‘The Italians win at game end if they have earned ≥ 18 VP. VP = CVP + Good Order Italian units, counted as Exit VP, on the west side of the river at game end [EXC: Captured units do not count double under any circumstance].

HSR 2: Change “Shallow” to ‘Fordable (B21.41)’.

HSR 3: No unit from the Bridge Security Detachment may move/advance on Turn 1; and no such may set-up/enter a bridge Location until a unit from the Retreating Force has crossed to the west side of the river.

HG 5 Mount Istibei

Scenario Date: April 6th, 1941.

HSR 2: Replace 2nd sentence with 'The Greeks receive one module of 75mm OBA with Normal Ammo (HE only). Battery Access cannot be attempted until Turn 4.’

HG 6 Corniche Game

HSR 3: Replace with ‘The Bridge/road in 22K2 is NA. Hex 22W8 has a Steeple Location at level 2. Building 22H4 is a Factory, but is only a level 1 Obstacle. All other multi-hex buildings are two-story houses.’

HSR 6: Add ‘for both sides.’

Italian Set Up instructions: The Italians move first and set up on any non-hill hex on/east of hexrow W and/or on/east of the stream hexes as well as on board I hill hexes on/east of hexrow F. The Italians cannot set up adjacent to a non-HIP French unit.

French OB: Add a Radio to the French OB, see HSR 4.

Italian OB: Add ‘See HSR 4’ below the Radio counter.

HG 7 Skill in Khilki

Tactical Objective: The Germans win if at game end they have Exited ≥ 30 VP off the west edge. However, CVP inflicted on the Germans (including doubled CVP for captured units [EXC: Sledges]) is deducted from the exited VP total.

HSR 1: Replace 1st sentence with ‘EC are Snow with Deep Snow (E3.73) and no Wind at start.’

Add HSR 4: Each exited Sledge is worth 3 VP, but only 1 CVP if destroyed/captured. The German ART Gun is worth 2 CVP if captured/destroyed, but 0 CVP if destroyed by the German player as per A9.73.

German OB: The German Wagon should have a MF allowance of 8.

German OB: The German reinforcements enter on hex IIA5.

HG 8 Stampede at Hill 253.5

HSR 1 Clarification: Falling Rubble is NA this HSR.

Russian OB: The Radio counter should have contact values 6/7/8.


[SEE REPRINT, Fall 2006]

Errata for Original Versions


Historical SCENARIO RULES: Delete the following: 1.1, 1.2, 2. Add HSR: G1.611 is in effect for all nationalities as if they were Japanese [EXC: including Lt. Mortars].

NFNH 1 Mlava Stronghold

HSR 3: Replace with 'All Crags represent concrete A-T obstacles and have the following traits: +1 TEM, +1 Hindrance, is Concealment Terrain, and C5.11 applies to all Ordnance as if firing from woods. Guns cannot set up emplaced in a concrete AT Obstacle hex. Vehicles cannot enter such, Infantry/Cavalry enter at 1 MF. The only fortification allowed in the same hex is Wire.’

Polish OB: The Lt Mtrs. should be the 46mm Granatnik wz.36.

NFNH 2 The Last Fort

HSR 1: add ‘exterior’ between “all” and “exterior”; add ‘The Fort’s base level is at level 1.’

Polish OB: The Lt Mtrs. should be the 46mm Granatnik wz. 36.

Polish Set Up instructions: Add ‘Polish Infantry inside the Fort may Rout within the Fort while ignoring all enemy units outside the Fort and may end the RtPh adjacent to an enemy unit that is outside the Fort [EXC: It cannot end in hex 41BB3 if there is unbroken armed enemy unit in 41BB4]. Polish units outside the Fort disregard it for purposes of Rout.’

German entry instructions: Change to: Enter Turn 1 on the north/west edge.

German SR: Add ‘Battalion’ between “80+” and “MTR”.

NFNH 3 The Hatert Bridge

HSR 2: Add after “Level” ‘,however, all other terrain features on the hills exist normally.

Dutch SR: Replace “AT” with ‘INF’.

German Disbandment: Add ‘if any part of the Convoy’ between “or” and “is”.

NFNH 4 Dragoons in Holland

Tactical Objective: Replace “30 VP of friendly units” with ‘> 30 VP of Good Order units’

German reinforcement: The two Rafts should be 1-Squad sized Rafts.

French Set Up instructions: Change “Canal” to ‘River’.

NFNH 5 Foret de Nieppe

Tactical Objective: Add ‘>’ between “amass” and “60”.

HSR 2: Add ‘along with any removable armament from its parent Carrier.’ after “vehicles”.

HSR 3: Add ‘Bn’ between “76mm+” and “MTR”.

British OBA Note: Change to …’but only one SR/FFE may ever be in play.’

NFNH 6 Yugo City

HSR 3: Change to ‘Each German unit [EXC: broken or Berserk] is marked with a CX counter until the conclusion of the MPh/APh of the Player Turn in which it enters a whole hex of board 45, at which time the counter is removed. Thereafter, CX occurs normally. German units are always Lax.’

NFNH 7 Siberian Woods

Tactical Objective: Add ‘>’ between “control” and “three”. Add: ‘Rubbled buildings are still considered buildings for victory purposes.’

HSR 1 clarification: Add ‘They are considered normal Elevated Roads for movement purposes.’

HSR 2 clarification: The AFVs maintain/lose HIP as if they were Guns.

Russian OB: Change to ?x6. Change 8-0x2 to 8-0x1.

NFNH 9 Jackboot Woods

HSR 3: Add ‘on the west edge’ between “enter” and “by”.

HSR 5: Replace with ‘All Good Order Russian Infantry [EXC: Commissars] must HW every Russian MPh, regardless of distance or LOS [EXC: Meeting the criteria below]. Their HW counter is not removed until they meet the criteria below. During the German Player Turn, German fire against Russian HW Infantry qualifies for FFNAM [EXC: units in CC/Melee] and FFMO [EXC: units in CC, Melee and/or in Concealment terrain]. HW Russian fire in any fire phase is calculated as if it was Advance Fire [EXC: It is not haved a second time in the Russian AFPh]. Every HW moves simultaneously with every other HW, keeping track of each HW’s own MF expenditure. After Game Turn 1, adjacent HW must merge together. This HSR is void to Russian Infantry that either start their MPh on board 17 and have attacked in the just concluded CCPh or start their MPh on board 5 or 10 and are unable to form or participate in a HW because they fail to meet ASLRB requirements for a HW.’

HSR 6: Change “Prisoner” to ‘Unarmed’.

German OB: Change Chit 3 to PzIIIH x3.

NFNH 10 Aces High

Tactical Objective: Replace “To win the Germans must control” with ‘The Germans win immediately by Controlling…’

Russian Balance: Replace “3-3-8” with ‘3-2-8’.

HSR 2: Add ‘rubble counters’ between “six (6)” and “(Russian”. Change “Location” to ‘hex’.

HSR 5: Replace “full” with ‘Good Order’.

HSR 6: Change to ‘German Group 1 AFVs suffer fuel shortage per KGP 13 [EXC: NA for VCA change while in Motion].

NFNH 11 Surprise, Surprise!!

Tactical Objective: Add ‘>’ between “gaining” and “80”.

HSR 2/clarification: Add ‘When placed they may roll for HD status with the -1 during setup modifier. All 4 tanks must all be placed on the map at the same time.

HSR 3: Replace with ‘Russian 3-2-8 HS are Assault Engineers. The Russian player may secretly record SMC/SW as being possessed by a unit. SMC are only placed on board once their leadership benefits are used or the parent unit is required to take a Moral Check. SW are only revealed if fired, or the owning unit fails a Morale Check. The Russian MMG is considered dm (2 PP) and is assembled normally (A 9.8).

NFNH 13 Snake Ready to Strike

Tactical Objective: Add ‘>’ between “gaining” and “25”.

HSR 3: Replace the first sentence with ‘The Breach counters in the German OB are set up on Bocage hexsides. These may set up using HIP and are treated as Fortifications for Concealment loss purposes.’

German OB: Delete one MMG counter. Replace the Trailbreak counters with Breach counters.

NFNH 14 Bitter End:

Replaced by RBF-16


TT 01 Stuart and Wills

HSR 1: Replace [EXC:] with ‘[EXC: Roads and Bridges exist. All buildings exist and are single story and wooden].’

HSR 2: Add ‘6-4-8/’ after “Australian”.

TT 02 The Airfield

HSR 2/Clarification: Change “SMC” to ‘leader’. Add ‘Contrary to A23.7 this Leader need not be at least two hexes away to detonate the DC.’ Clarification: The leader detonates as if it had set the DC.

HSR 3: Change “SSR” to ‘HSR’.

HSR 4: Delete the last sentence. Add They are treated as Open Ground for movement/Concealment.’

TT 03 Curly and the Brigadier

Tactical Objective:Replace with ‘The Australians win immediately if they Control/destroy all pillboxes and Control ≥ 12 of the 18 level 4 hill hexes on board 39.’

HSR 1: Add ‘and bridges’ between “roads” and “exist”.

HSR 4: Add to 3rd sentence after “phase,” replace with ‘in all other respects he is considered an Infantry SMC that is immune to HoB but has no other Leadership capabilities.’ Add to last sentence after “MPh” ‘[EXC: if Wounded/KIA while dismounted]’.

TT 05 Commandos, not Supermen

Tactical Objective: Add ‘>’ between “gain” and “7”.

Japanese OB: The HS are 1st Line.

TT 07 Don Company's Canal

Tactical Objective: Replace “27” with ‘> 22’.

HSR 6: Add to 5th sentence after “phase,” replace with ‘in all other respects he is considered an Infantry SMC that is immune to HoB but has no other Leadership capabilities.’ Add to last sentence after “MPh” ‘[EXC: if Wounded/KIA while dismounted]’.

TT 08 In the Heat of the Night

Tactical Objective: Add ‘>’ between “accumulating” and “20”.

HSR 3/clarification: Add ‘POWs cannot be attacked in any way.’ Clarification: The 2 MF are in addition to MF to enter the hex, and the unit must survive all attacks unbroken/unpinned.

HSR 5: Japanese have MOL capability for Kindling Attempts (A22.613) vs. Buildings (only) and may attempt Kindling without a leader or NTC.

Australian OB: Change “SSR” to ‘HSR’.

Japanese OB: The 3-4-7 Squads are 2nd Line.

TT 09 Frogs in the Pocket

Tactical Objective: Add ‘>’ between “gaining” and “35”.

Japanese OB: The Japanese 3-4-7 Squads are 2nd Line.

TT 10 Day at the River

HSR 1: Add ‘exist and’ between “buildings” and “are”.

TT 11 From Britain to Borneo

HSR 3/clarification: Add after 2nd sentence ‘Each observer’s set up hex is secretly recorded prior to all other set up.’ Clarification: The Australian player has automatic Battery Access for the first Prep Fire phase if it is used to place FFE Smoke.

HSR 4: Add to 3rd sentence after “phase,” replace with ‘in all other respects he is considered an Infantry SMC that is immune to HoB but has no other Leadership capabilities.’ Add to last sentence after “MPh” ‘[EXC: if Wounded/KIA while dismounted]’.

Japanese OB: The Japanese 3-4-7 Squads are 2nd Line.

TT 12 Signal Hill

Tactical Objective: Add ‘>’ between “exited” and “22”.

HSR 1: Change “light” to ‘Mild’.

HSR 2: Add ‘All buildings are wooden and single story.’

HSR 3: Replace with ‘Prior to setup, each player alternating (Japanese first) places 8 Shellhole counters. Each player then alternating (Japanese first) selects 4 not previously moved Shellhole counters and moves them according to a Random Location DR. If a shellhole ends up in a non-OG hex it is immediately transformed into a Shellhole hex with no other terrain in the hex [EXC: Buildings are transformed to wooden rubble]. If the Random DR moves the counter off board it is forfeit.’

HSR 4 clarification: This is in addition to G1.631.

Japanese OB: The 3-4-7 Squads are 2nd Line. Change 2-2-8x3 to 2-2-8x4.


MAP There is an issue with the North indicator on some of the maps. North should face towards the A1-MM1 edge of the map.

3.0. The reference to rule “RB6” should be “RB16”.

9.21 Change first sentence to, “The only vehicle that may attempt to cross a barricade hexside is a fully tracked AFV, and does so by expending…”.

12.1 Add to the end of this rule, “...all multi-hex buildings containing a square Stairwell symbol contain a ground, 1st and 2nd levels (as well as a Cellar/Rooftop locations [EXC: Roofless Buildings contain no Rooftop]).”

13.2 Hex Q18 is a Runway hex not G18.

15.1 The Russian 76mm OBA should be classed as “Light Artillery,” without the reference to Footnote M.

CG14: Second sentence should read, “All non-bridge River hexes are always considered No-Man’s Land (see RePh 8.6051).”

CG 16: Change ‘Inexperienced’ to ‘Conscripted’. Moabit Leaders have no effect on non-Moabit units; use Partisan counters to represent such leaders.

CG17: Change second sentence ‘German ELR is reduced by one; the ELR for both sides may never change by more than one level for the placement/removal of Red Banner(s)”.

CG19: Add to this rule the following: “Guns may not be removed from a Pillbox/fortified location.”

CG21: Clarification: FB RG cannot be retained regardless of whether they entered play or not. Such units are not considered eliminated for Victory Conditions or for CVP totals unless they were destroyed during actual play.

CG27: Delete the last sentence.

RePh 8.602: Add the following: “Remove all Low Ammo counters.”

RePh 8.6031: Add the following: “All Broken units are now rallied. Delete ‘(see 8.6057)’.”

RePh 8.6051: All non-bridge River hexes are always considered no-mans land.

RePh 8.6052: Under the notes section, delete the word “/Canal” from the first sentence. Since the canal is playable terrain it does not section off units into different Set Up Areas. Additionally, since an S-Bahn bridge existed just north of the Admiral Scheer Bridge vehicles/Guns are also not sectioned off into different Set Up Areas by the canal.

RePh 8.6112: Change “(see BRV 16.2)” to “(see BRV 16.10)”.

RePh 8.61411: The end of the first sentence should read, “ making a DR </= 2 with the following DRM.”

RePh 8.6146: Replace with the following, “All non-captured/non-isolated units have their Depleted/Low Ammo status returned to normal.”

RePh 8.6204: Russian RG listed, as “BRVS Rifle Pltn” or “BRVS SMG Pltn” should instead read “GDS Rifle Pltn” and “GDS SMG Pltn” respectively.

RePh 8.621: Anti-Tank Ditch Footnote D is NA.

RePh 8.6233 b): Night Dual Attack CGS both sides are considered the Scenario Attacker.

Russian RG G5: Direct Fire Support II specifics are: SPG 203; Type  ART; M#4; Large Target; Non-Turret Gun; 203 mm; HE only; No IF; & NM."

Russian RG O1: The Group Type for this RG should read, “Light Artillery.”

Russian RG O2: The Group Type for this RG should read, “Battalion Mortar.”

Russian RG M2: The CG Max should be 24.

German RG M2: The CG Max should be 40.

German RG Footnote D: Add “leader” between “Gestapo” and “comes”.

RG Footnote J: Footnote J is NA for both players.

BRV 1 Tactical Doctrine

Turn Record Track: Reverse the nationality symbols within the track. The Russians still set up first and the Germans still move first.

BRV 2 Run For Your Lives

German OB: Add Roadblock x1 and Barricade x1.

BRV 7 Grizzly Bear

Playing Area: “All hexes south of the Spree are in play.”

BRV 8 Polish Prize

German Set Up: “Set Up on/south of hexrow D and west of the Canal.”

SSR3: Delete as written and replace with: “No German unit may enter a bridge location.”

BRV 9 Jail House Rock

SSR4 clarification: The Russian smoke placement occurs only during the first Russian PFPh.

Q & A

Q. As I understand CG14, any location with a Good Order MMC is a strategic Location?

A. Correct.

Q. Must the Russian Control hex J4 to purchase the I6 Moabit Prisoners RG?
A. The footnote you are referring to (Footnote 16) is referencing the hex that contains the Station. Just north of the Station is where the Prison actually was. So the answer to this question here is no.

Q. Can the +1 TEM provided by the “built up” Reichstag be increased to +5 TEM (total) if a ground level Reichstag location is subsequently fortified as per B23.9?
A. No, +4 is the maximum TEM [EXC: Indirect fire].

Q. Did HOB use the 0 TEM for bridges as per B6.3 or did it use the -1 TEM listed on the Chapter B Divider?
A. B6.3.

Q. May OBA/Ordnance Smoke be placed on a bridge hex?
A. Yes.

Q. What are the dark hexside depictions along the dark green hexsides near the Spree River?
A. Cliffs.

Q. Is AA fire allowed from a Roofless Building location?
A. No.

Q. What happens to a Set DC that ends a CGS but has not yet been detonated?
A. If the DC is in a Controlled set up area it is retained by the side that Controls that set up area. Otherwise, it is treated as non-Set DC and remains in its current location as any other un-possessed SW in an uncontrolled set up area.

Q. Do Moabit Prisoner leaders use Partisan leader rules?
A. No, they use Partisan leader counters only to differentiate them from regular Russian leaders.

Q. RePh 8.621: May DC be purchased as “Set” by spending the FPPs to do so?
A. No. A DC must be in a side’s OB in order to be set. The BRV table and its footnotes are designed to replace the KGP I/II table/footnotes altogether.

Q. RePh 8.6242: If a bridge is partially destroyed can a vehicle which ended the previous CGS on one side of the bridge set up on the other side using only the partially destroyed bridge as its crossing point (assuming that the vehicle is setting up in friendly territory)?

A. Yes, but immediately prior to setting up that vehicle the owning player must take a bridge Collapse DR as per 11.313. (Note: make sure to inform the German player of this attempt so as to determine the current weight limit of the bridge).

Q. Can dug-in tanks become CE? Can armored cupolas?
A. Yes. No.

Q. The Narrow Road leading out of the Customs Warehouse follows the D10/F10 hexside. Hex D10 is a Roofless Building whose ground level is covered with Debris. Does this Debris negate the Narrow Road (O.1)? Do units using the Narrow Road have to roll for Bog due to the Debris?
A. Yes. Yes.

Q. Is a Russian AFV under Recall eliminated or retained?
A. Eliminated, unless it is due to MA disablement.

Q. Is it correct that a single Setup Area for Infantry can actually be one or more Setup Areas for vehicles due to Roadblocks (in fact, possibly Isolated Setup Areas)? If so, what about the presence of terrain that doesn't “absolutely” block vehicle movement, such as Barricades?
A. Yes. Roadblocks/Barricades are considered impassable to vehicles unless removed during the RePh.

Q. What about MA that was disabled neither from a Repair dr of 6 nor by a previous RePh 8.6142 failure (e.g. a circled B10 gun that rolls a 10 while under Low Ammo)?
A. Yes, that would still be a MA breakdown but all Low Ammo counters should be removed during RePh 8.602.

Q. BRV 9.214 states a vehicle crossing a breached Barricade can be targeted for an Underbelly Hit. Can the vehicle that ‘creates’ the breached Barricade be so targeted? If so, what about if the Barricade is eliminated instead of only being breached?
A. No and no. Only when crossing a Breached Barricade is a vehicle subject to underbelly hit.

Q. RE: The Exit VP the German receive for crossing the river, do the Germans receive Exit VP immediately or at the end of the scenario?

A. Such VP are awarded only at the end of the game.


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Re: Errate from HoB website Pt 2


[See BRT published by MMP]


FC3.0 Craters: The examples of Crater hexes are F21 and G19.

FC 9 Red Rapido

SSR 2 clarification: Add ‘on boards 9 and 43’ between “capability” and “and”.

SSR 4 clarification: change to “OG1 on 40EE1: and “OG5 on 43O7-8”.

SSR 6: The Armored Cupola's MA is treated as a CMG for range purposes. Treat as ST (D1.32) for CA change.

FC 10 Operation Dickens

Playing Area: The map orientation is not properly displayed. However, the written playing area description is correct.

SSR 3: Add “Each OB given fortified building location may be exchanged for a Dug-out, while each OB given foxhole may be exchanged for a Passage.”

After Action Report Card: Under the “Fortification Report" table, the first line
should be titled "Tunnel Complex/Maze" and not "Cave Complex/Maze...”

Q & A

Q. Are those German 8-3-8s Assault Engineers? How about the British 6-4-8, are they also Assault Engineers?
A. Generally, 8-3-8s are Assault Engineers, however sometimes not, and on occasion 6-4-8s are Gurkhas, players must look at the unit designations on the charts and abide by what is noted there.

Q. Is the crew of a German armored MG cupola worth 2 CVP?
A. Yes.


[See A Bridge to Far published by MMP]


Page 1: change “28” by 49” to “29 by 49 hexes”

3.21: Last sentence should read “The following Rocket To Hit DRM modify C5.0. Rockets use Black To Hit numbers.”

6. Abbreviations & Definitions: SLoc should read: “Any hex containing Woods, +2 TEM, Good Order MMC, Ditch, Hill 111 or 112 symbol (i.e. hex).”

8.621: Legibility clarification for FPP Footnotes:
Foxhole: b F
Trench: c d E F
AP Mine: c d E F G I
AT Mine: c d E F G I
Wire: c d E F G I
HIP: a
AFV Revetment: d E F I

ADD: Footnote b: 1/2/3 squad foxhole.

ISR 2: should read “(either RG O7 x1 & RG O8 x1; or RG O8 x2. See RG Chart footnote G).”

German RG Chart O8: Change CGS Max from 1 to 2.

Typhoon Counters: Each should have an aerial target modifier of 3, just as if it was a ‘44FB.

KH7 Windsor Knot

HSR 3: The British receive Random Air Support (E7.2) in the form of Typhoons armed with rockets.

Q & A

Q. May a 5/8” Gun setup in an Rv?
A. No.

Q. In the CG if an OBA module uses only its IR capability may it be retained?
A. Yes.

Q. For KH7 ‘Windsor Knot’ do the KH 3.1 DRM apply?
A. Normally yes, but in this scenario no such DRM apply. Note: the CGS +1 DRM only applies in a CG.

Q. Are Rocket hits against vehicles treated like bomb hits (i.e. Direct Hits or Near Misses)?
A. No, all hits are treated as Direct Hits.

Q. Do the German at start forces in set up area “B” have to pay the extra CPP cost to set up on map as per RePh 8.6194?
A. No. Additionally, there is no Depletion DRM for this purchase type as per RePh 8.6201.


7.31 Counter Battery Table: Change Final DR “2” to ‘< 2’.

8.2 Definitions and Abbreviations: Entry Area: On the last line of page 6 add ‘the north edge’ between “and” and “on/west”.


CG4 GAME END: Change “turn 6” to ‘turn 5’ on line 3.

Add CG 17 AIRCRAFT: Both sides may Purchase/Retain any number of RGs per the RG Charts. However, each side may have no more than 2 RGs on the map at one time (i.e., up to a possible 6 total aircraft per side). No additional aircraft may be entered (nor rolled for entry) until all aircraft of one of the RGs have exited/been destroyed. [EXC: OoB given aircraft do not count against the 2 RG].

8.611 Purchasing Reinforcement Groups: Change NOTE to: At the completion of the last RePh, each remaining German CPP counts as a Victory Point earned by the Russians.

RG Charts: Note replacement page for pages 11-12.

G3 change to the 2cm FlaKvierling 38 (German Ordnance Note 27).

G5 change to the 10.5cm leFH 18 (German Ordnance Note 20).

G6 change “sIG” to ‘leIG’.

8.616 Date: Replace all “Date” with ‘Scenario’.

8.622 INFANTRY COMPANY SW: EX. Change < 3 to < 4; change < 2 to < 3.

8.623 HEAVY WEAPONS: Clarification Section and Platoon are used interchangeably.

8.7 LEADER DETERMINATION: Add ‘[EXC: HW Sections]’ between “OoB given)” and “,” on line 2.

8.71 LEADER TABLE: Change the Russian Table as follows:

DR Leaders

8 9-1, 7-0

9-10 8-0, 7-0

11 7-0, 7-0

12 8-0, 6+1

13+ 7-0, 6+1

9.5 RePH Sequence: Add 9.619, 9.620, 9.621.

9.6054 PERIMETER MARKERS: Add ‘along’ between “marker,” and “a:thumbsdown:” on line 6.

9.6095 FORTIFICATIONS: Change “8.6093” to ‘9.6093’.

9.6112 MMC BATTLE HARDENING TABLE: Change “3-6” to ‘5-6’.

9.6113 LEADER: Delete “by that side” on line 6.

9.6122 SAN ADJUSTMENT: Change “zero” to ‘< 2’ on line 4.

9.615 FORTIFICATION REMOVAL TABLE: Add: a unit only suffers Casualty Reduction if attempting removal of a minefield, or of Fortification(s) in a hex that contains a Minefield.

PT Examples: In Example 1 change all coordinates accordingly: C6 to W43, C7 to W44, C8 to W45, D6 to X43. Change “> 10” to ‘< 10’ in Example 2 line 10.

OB6 Hoffmeister's Charge

HSR 4: Delete “an” replace with ‘one’.

OB7 Where’s the Beef?

Tactical Objective: Add ‘Controlled’ after “building”.

OB 8 Bloody Bobruisk

HSR 4: Add ‘Tunnel Exchange (B 8.6) is NA.’

OB13 The Cat’s Lair

HSR 4: Delete “(EXC: Mines)”.

Russian OB: The truck should be a ZIS-5, i.e. Russian Vehicle Note 47.

OB 14 Berated at Baranovichi

HSR 2: Change to ‘…Rubble or the Factory…’

Counter Sheet:

One of the ‘44C Stormoviks’ star printed in a larger font. The AA Target modifier is still 2.

M4A2d: The S/R box is shifted slightly to the right.

Q & A

Q. 4.1 What is the CVP value of a cupola?

A. 5.

Q. 6.33 Can a rocket achieve a CH when using the ATT?

A. Yes, per C1.55.

Q. 7. Does a CBM count against the OBA limit (i.e., 4 for the Russians and 3 for the Germans).

A. No.

Q. 7. Is a CBM retained for the next CG scenario if it was not used (i.e., it made no attack DR) during the current CG Scenario.

A. Yes.

Q. 7. Is a CBM retained for the next CG scenario if only “no effects” were achieved during the current CG scenario? What if it rolled a 12 on the first mission?

A. No. No. It made an attack DR and thus is not Retained.

Q. 8.4 Can OBA Modules be Retained and used to exceed that sides daily maximum?

A. They may be Retained to exceed the limit, but the Germans are limited to using 3 and the Russians 4 total OBA Modules per CG Scenario.

Q. 8.51 Do Prisoners/Captured equipment count double for CVP purposes?

A. Yes.

Q. German RG. Is note b missing for I7?

A. No, a crew is inherent to a machinegun cupola.

Q. Do the ‘42 DB and ‘44 FB come with bombs?

A. Yes.

Q. Russian RG. How many Bombardments can be used during a CG Scenario, i.e., can you save them for future scenarios?

A. They may use only 2 per CG Scenario [EXC: OB given Bombardments] but may save such that between saving and purchasing actually have more than 2.

Q. Are Barrages available to the Russian player if a pre-registered hex was purchased for the OBA Module?

A. If otherwise allowed, yes, with a north-south alignment.

Q. Are Creeping Barrages available to the Russian player if a pre-registered hex was purchased for the OBA Module.

A. No.

Q. 9.6122 Should there be two Sniper counters per side?

A. No.

Q. 9.6132 Can the Russian flamethrower tanks recover from an ‘X’ status of a flamethrower.

A. No, but they remain in the CG like any other AFV.

Map Sheet

Q. Does a LOS exist from R5 to M3?

A. No, the EmRR blocks LOS.

Q. Can a unit on the EmRR (1/2 level) see through an In-Season Orchard to a unit at ground level? Can a unit upslope (3/4 level) see through an In-Season Orchard to a unit at ground level?

A. No, No.


Historical SCENARIO RULES: Delete 1.-1.3 Add HSR: G1.611 is in effect for all nationalities as if they were Japanese [EXC: including Lt. Mortars].

FF 1 Rabka Mszana Road

Tactical Objective: Change “three” to ‘four’ units exited off the north edge.

Polish OB: The DR for foxholes is made as each MMC is set up.

Variable German Units:

DR 2-4, the vehicles are German Vehicle Notes 1 and 2.

DR-5-8, the 2x PSW 221 are German Vehicle Note 70.

DR 9-10, the PSW221 is German Vehicle Note 70.

DR 11-12, the PSW221 is German Vehicle Note 70.

FF 2 Defiant Confrontation

Tactical Objective: Change “four” to ‘three’ of the five buildings.

Map: The scenario card should show the FF2 map.

Finnish Set Up: Two units may set up HIP.

Variable Russian Units:

DR 9-10, the OT-133 is Russian Vehicle Note 7.

DR 11-12, the T-26 M33 is Russian Vehicle Note 6.

FF 3 Armor Clash

Variable Russian Units:

DR 2-3, the T-26 M33 is Russian Vehicle Note 6.

DR 8-12, the tank here is the same as for DR 2-3.

Variable German Units:

DR 2-5, the 2x PzKpfw IVE German Vehicle Note 21.

DR 6-8, the 2x PSW 231(6rad) are German Vehicle Note 71.

DR 9-12, the 2x PzIIIG are German Vehicle Note 12.

FF 5 The Sound of Guns

Tactical Objective: To win the Germans must exit ≥ two units off the east edge, one of which must be a MMC. A vehicle and its crew are considered one unit for VC purposes. Prisoners do not count toward VC nor do SMC.

Variable US Units:

DR 5, the M4A1 Sherman is US Vehicle Note 9.

DR 11-12, the Jeep is US Vehicle Note 54.

Variable German Units:

DR 2-3, the vehicle is German Vehicle Note 30.

DR 4-6, the vehicle is German Vehicle Note 36.

DR 7-10, the vehicle is a SPW 251/1 German Vehicle Note 63.

DR 11-12, the vehicle is German Vehicle Note 96.

FF 6 Night Ferry

LCA Capture Requirements: Add ‘, Disregarding G12.4)’ between “movement” and “)”; replace “hex” with ‘Location’.

The New Zealand friendly board edge is the west edge.

Variable New Zealand Units:

DR 4-5, the Bulldozers are Unarmored (G15.11).


Historical SCENARIO RULES: Delete 1.-1.3 Add HSR: G1.611 is in effect for all nationalities as if they were Japanese [EXC: including Lt. Mortars].

FF 10 Castle Keep

HSR 2: Russians may use PF as if Germans with a +1 availability drm. Units may fire PF/PSK without risk of Backblast from the ground level castle locations [i.e. G5, G6, G7 and H7].

HSR 3: Replace the original line 7 with the following: “Using the principles of Breaching (B23.711), a DC attack can be conducted against the gates themselves. A KIA eliminates the gates {Note: Any MMC/vehicle in the gate location is still attacked with half FP when Breaching}. Following a successful Breach, the gate location is then treated as a Factory access point (B23.742) containing Factory Debris (O5.41-.42).” In addition, add: “The ground-level locations of the castle can also be entered from rubble hexes I5 and I7 and castle courtyard hexes H5 and H6. Fire from an interior castle location to another interior castle location receives +3 TEM. Fire crossing a non-rubble exterior hexside of the castle always receives +4 TEM.”

HSR 4: Add: The Vehicle stacking limit for a revetment is 1 AFV or wreck, if AFV is destroyed in such a location, it cannot be cleared/pushed out.

German OB: Change PzVGx6 to PzVGx3. The 8-5-8 squad should be an 8-3-8.

Variable German Units:

All groups, the PzVG is German Vehicle Note 27.

Variable Russian Units:

All groups, the IS IIm is Russian Vehicle Note 28.

FF 11 Out of Ethiopia

North Indicator: This should point in the exact opposite direction from that on the scenario card.

Scenario Variables: The wind is from the northeast.

British OB: Add a 2-2-8 crew.

Italian OB: The Italian trucks are Autocarri L.

Hex Type clarification:

H2=Crags (B19).

O6=Scrub (F2).

M4=Hammada (F3).

N8=Sand (F7).

Variable Italian Units:

DR 2-6, the tank is Italian Vehicle Note 7.

DR 7-8, the AC is Italian Vehicle Note 19.

FF 13 Fire on the Mountain

Hex Type clarification:

K1=Crags (B19).

D1=Scrub (F2).

F1=Hammada (F3).

Variable Italian Units:

DR 2-5, the Gun is Italian Ordnance Note 7.

FF 14 The Hunted

Tactical Objective: The Germans must Control 3 of the 5 buildings at game end.

Belgian OB: There should only be one MMG, not two.

Variable Belgian Units:

DR 2-6, the tank should be a T15 Belgian Vehicle Note 17.

DR 7-8, the tank is a T-15 Belgian Vehicle Note 17.

Variable German Units:

All Groups: Add an 8-0 and 2x 4-6-8 squads to all German Variable Units.

DR 2-4, the Pz IIA tank is German Vehicle Note 2.

DR 5-8, the PSW 222 is German Vehicle Note 70.

DR 9-12, the PSW 231(6 Rad) is German Vehicle Note 71.

FF 15 Dragoons Returned

Scenario Variables: Hexes I5 and J4 are treated as Vineyard (F13.6). All other Grain hexes are treated as plowed grain fields, with Mud in effect in these hexes.

Variable German Units:

DR 4-6, the SPW 250/10 is German Vehicle Note 65.

DR 11-12, the Opel Blitz Truck is German Vehicle Note 96.

French Move First

Variable French Units:

DR 2-4, the P17 HT is French Vehicle Note 25.

DR 5-7, the AMC 29 HT is French Vehicle Note 24.

DR 11-12, the Canon de 75 mle is French Ordnance Note 9, Laffley S15T is French Vehicle Note 33.