Bounding Fire Blackpool - 21st to 24th November 2019

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Jul 29, 2008
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Hi everyone. Hope you are all well. Here's the latest update for the forthcoming BFB tournament in November.

The Battle School Minis
We are pleased to have the support of Battleschool again this year as sponsor for the Mini tournament

This will take place principally on the Thursday but will also be available throughout the weekend for those unable to take part in the main Bounding Fire tourney but would like some competitive play

Standard format of groups of 4, 2 round straight knock out although in keeping with the main tourney, and after consultation with players, for this year the scenarios will be 'blind' - in this case all are already published but you won’t know what you are playing until the day.

There are 4 themes to choose from plus a special IF25 Mini - full details are available on the website (Battleschool Minis) - and please register your interest to play / preferences direct with Simon on so he can do some pre tournament planning of the groups etc.

The 'Scratch'' Tournament
A one-off, unpublished, scenario which this year has kindly been provided by Peter Struiff and Chris Mazzei and will feature in their forthcoming module 'Death to Fascism 2'.

The scenario features Finns v Russians in December 1939 and incorporates the special rules incorporated within Death to Fascism 1 (SSR will be provided. Don't worry if you haven't got DtF1).

Like the 'Scratch' last year I encourage people to try to fit this scenario in at some point. There will be prizes for best Finn and best Russian throughout the weekend. Play it as often as you wish and when you wish.

You will need boards FrFA, x, 62 and 74 along with overlays B1 and B4.

We'll publish the scenario in advance of the tournament on the website.

The Bounding Fire Main Tournament
Will commence Friday morning and features five scenarios, all blind, unpublished, but complete, playtested for balance, and ready for incorporation into future modules. We can provide copies of the Bounding Fire mapboards where required but it would be helpful if people could bring them with, if possible, to keep our workload down.

Group Game 1
Friday am (9am-12am)
The Sicilian Snail (special guest designer - Ian Willey)
British v German. July 1943
Board BFP J

Group Game 2
Friday pm (1pm - 9pm or later by mutual consent)
Desperate Bridgehead (Bounding Fire)
Russians v German. July 1944
Boards DW8a, DW8b (unpublished, provided by us), and BFP P

Group Game 3
Saturday am (9am to 1pm)
Karelian Sculptors (Bounding Fire)
Russians v Finns. December 1939
Boards 34 and 67

Semi Final Game *
Saturday pm (2pm - 8pm or later by mutual consent)
Schmidt's Roadblock (Bounding Fire)
Russians v German. July 1944
Board BFP R

Final Game (and Third Place Playoff Game) *
Sunday am (9am - 2pm)
Dutch Marines (Bounding Fire)
Allied Minor v Japanese. March 1942
Board 3a

* The Semi and Final games will also form a special 'Mini' which we encourage all entrants (with the exception of course of the semi finalists and finalists) to enter. Our aim is to encourage play of these unpublished scenarios such that we can provide more thorough feedback on all five scenarios rather than just the first three. We'd be really grateful if people could be encouraged to climb on board with this as it's intrinsic to the future support we're hopeful of getting from our friends across the sea at Bounding Fire Publications.

Cost of attendance is £20. We will produce our 'accounts' page as we did last year showing how your entry fees were used. Please pay in cash at the event as Paypal keep chiselling fees off us when people pay via that method.

Please ensure you register your attendance with Pete at VFTT as usual and also that you book your room directly with the hotel (Hotel). Don't book online (it won't let you)!. Please call them.

And, as stated above, please notify Simon via the website of your preferences for the Minis.

See you in November.