Banzai 24.2 is now available for free download


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Feb 11, 2005
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Banzai!! 24.2 is now available for your reading pleasure from the folks at Texas ASL! Welcome back to another edition of our newsletter. Matt Shostak gives us one of his usual insightful scenario analyses, this time of BFPs Preliminary Move. We have a couple of terrific SK articles from Kevin Boles with an in depth look at the use of the banzai in the recently released SK#4-PTO, and Peter Di Cioccio continues with the next installment in his series of articles relooking at "Novices on the Defense". I wrap up the recently compelted 27th Annual Texas Team Tournament, and finally Banzai is proud to present the results of the 2019 ASL Starter Kit Scenario Design Challenge. All that and more awaits you in this issue. Thanks to everyone who submitted material for this issue. Without you we can not publish, so keep those articles coming! We hope you'll enjoy it.
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