ATTN: Brian Williams! Aprilia: The Factory ATF4 Question

Discussion in 'ASL Rules & Errata' started by Jay White, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Jay White

    Jay White my sh*t is so tight

    Hey Brian,

    I'm playing through all the ATF scenarios (using Personal Leaders), and we're almost at ATF4. So far, they're a lot of fun! I'm not sure about the balance of ATF2, but I'd like to try it again and see if I can do it differently.

    Three questions about ATF4 (Night Shift at the Factory)

    1) What happens if the German "infiltrators" set up on a Brit (HIP) hex?

    2) On the scenario card, the "infiltrator" setup says "[See" ... is this supposed to say [See SSR2] ? (i.e. they don't have cloaking counters on them)

    3) It says Brits "Set up entrenched within 6 hexes of V20". Do you mean Brits "Set up within 6 hexes of V20. Units in eligible terrain may set up entrenched (B27.11)" ?

    Thanks in advance!


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