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  • Jay;

    I have Ops issue #3 on order from Alex Key and would be willing to pass on all the non-ASL (and non-ASLSK) content, even though I'm not even sure what that stuff is! I expect to have it within the next few weeks.

    By the way, I'm located in Vernon iin the Okanagan and attended Bottoscon last year - were you there? If you ever get up this way please let me know and we can play some FtF ASL; I'm starved for opponents here!

    You can best reach me at aslwynn@shaw.ca; I don't hang out much in this forum.

    Hi Jay, did you send this recently? I have not checked in for a long time. I got it working at some point and ran a double-blind Wake Island scenario. I'm not sure whether I still have the files anymore since it was many laptops ago. Let me know.
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