Another Galaxy II: Blue Main Sequence Star

Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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After beholding the eye-roasting magnificence of a blue supergiant star, I'd thought it would be interesting to see how a run of the mill main sequence blue star compares. So, I found one in the night sky of the blue giant's system:

Engage the warp drives (on my new "cruise ship")!

Upon arriving, I find a very pretty blue pearl. While bright, it is already apparent (pun) that it is not nearly as bright as the relative we just visited.

The system seemed to be quiet; the star all alone. However, after calling up the system diagram, I could see that is had one distant partner, a brown dwarf.

This is a "failed star." It was probably starved of its necessary star food by its blue companion, hence, it is now a malnourished companion unable to sustain a fusion reaction. Let's take a closer look!

Pretty! I like the aurora borealis at the poles. Let's get closer.

You do realize that the globular cluster that is emerging over the limb of the brown dwarf in this shot will be our next destination, right? :)

One last look at the primary before we head out to that "star city."

This shot really gives you a sense of the size of the blue, er, "brown dwarf." Unlike the hellish environment of the previous system, this one proved to be a relaxing tourist location. Good thing I used my cruise ship. :)