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Aug 16, 2004
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Ok,.... it's been pouring rain for two days, I can't hike or cycle and who like jogging in the rain. My next VASL game is Thursday, my LC and Cave Complex game start has yet to be confirmed and the continuation of Singling is dependent upon Lee's work schedule..

So,... with all the talk about AFV combat and how to get better at it I played this scenario. All the moves and results are actual, none are presented as 'examples' purposes. I've broken the narrative into a few bits because the text is so involved.... so,.... so,.... so wordy. 😉

Announcer: This is BBC London. Today we are pleased to bring to our sports fans Game 1 of the 1940 World Cup between London Arsenal and Milan FC. We take you now “Across the Wire” to Nezvet Ghirba, Libya and our Sports Sunday team, Reginald Fitzroy and Tom Harris.

Fitzroy: Good afternoon to everyone here in northeast Africa, those at home in Britain and to all our allies and friends in the Empire, Commonwealth and elsewhere. I am Reginald Fitzroy coming to you live from the pitch near Nezvet Ghirba in Libya.

Harris: ‘Allo to all listening in. Oi’m Tom ‘arris and Oi must say that Oi‘ve not seen a pitch in this sort of condition in all me years. Just look at all the rocks and scrub out there, it ‘ill be a wonder if anyfing but a camel could manage much distance out there. An’ the heat. Glory be, it must be 120 degrees out there.

Fitzroy: Aye, Tom, it is hot at that. Note the Light Dust (F11.71) and the Intense Heat Haze (F11.621). Why don’t you give the folks at home a description of these Arid Climactic Conditions (F11) and how they might impact todays match.

Harris: Whoiy, I’d be delighted Reggie. Well, it’s quoit simple really. Light Dust adds a DLV Hindrance DRM equal to a sub-see-quent dr that is halved (FRD) to awl IFT an’ TH DR. Note this don’t apploi to OBA, DC, FT, Fire Lane or Specific Collateral Attacks.

Intense Heat Haze adds a DLV Hindrance DRM of +1 to awl attacks on the TH tables and the IFT against infantry at range of 7 hexes or more and continues to add +1 for every six hexes thereafter. Against a vehicle the same +1 DRM is apploid beginning at range 13 and adds an additional +1 for every 12 hexes after that.

Since Oi commented on the rocks and scrub, Reg, whoiy doant you explain t’ the lis’ners about their effects on movement, etcetera.

Fitzroy: Quite right, Tom. Well, there is not much to it you see. The rocky bits are called Hammada (F3). Fully-Tracked AFVs needn’t worry about Hammad and most other wheeled vehicles are not affected all that much as long as you stay out of the Hammada directly. Although, if one is in a lorry or on a motorcycle or sidecar one might want to apply some caution. A driver can offset many of the dangers by expending twice the normal MP cost to enter Hammada or a hex that is Accessible to Hammada.

A handy table is provided in the PRB, or, for those with the original Chapter F Rules, on the chapter divider.

As our boys from Arsenal are in armoured cars today they would not normally have to worry about hexes accessible to Hammada as long as they pay the extra MP cost. However, and this is important, both the Morris CS9 and the Royals Royce armoured cars use truck movement, so there is some danger of puncturing a tire or breaking a leaf spring. So ‘slowing down’ would be in order except in the direst of circumstances.

Harris: And Scrub, Reg. ‘ow will that terrain affect today’s festivities?

Fitzroy: There again, Tom, there is not much to it. Scrub is not an obstacle nor a Hindrance to LOS and is treated as Open Ground (1.1) other than for Gun Emplacement (F.1A), movement costs, (2.21), concealment (2.3), Hammada Immobilization (3.31), and when Accessible to Broken Ground (13.1). That said we’ll leave the more complicated items out of it for today as they won’t be applicable.

Movement cost for Infantry is one MF; cavalry and wagons, two MF; full-tracked vehicle, two MP; halftrack, three MP; armoured car or motorcycle; four MP; truck, six MP. Scrub is also concealment terrain but only for Infantry, Dummy Stacks, entrenchments and Emplaced Guns.

All very simple, really.

Harris: Thanks, Reg. That was a vewy concois and informative description. Oi can jus’ picture both terrain types in me minds oi as we sit ‘ere.

Fitzroy: That should be easy, Tom. If you open your eyes you can see the Scrub and Hammada right out on the –

Oh, you cheeky devil, you were having me on. I’ll remember that.

Harris <guffaws>: Oi got ya there, mate. Anyway, time for a message from our sponsors and the Ministry of Supply.


Harris: Roight, welcome back everyone. The Ministry is roight, of course, so don’t forget to donate your old aluminium pots and’ pans and any other bits of metal you ‘ave lay’in about. Spitfires an’ ‘urricanes don’t grow on trees.

Fitzroy: Excellent point Tom. Looks like we’re only moments away from the coin toss so why don’t you give us all a rundown of the upcoming match.

Harris: Wot we ‘ave today is a motorized column from the 1st Libyan Division protected by a number of Italian assault guns and tank destroyers moving north just the other side of the border wire. Those AGs and TDs are manned by a number of drafts from the Milan Football Club. They are all new to the desert and their vehicles, so are considered Inexperienced Crews (D3.45), which means they all ‘ave a 6+1 armour leader and cwew morale. That is a handicap where TH DR and weapons Malfunction are concerned.

On this side of the wire the British will need that handicap as they will be outnumbered from the outset. A large number of our lads from the 11th Hussars are drafts from London Arsenal and they have crossed over the border wif’ the mission to interfere with the column’s movement. Arsenal needs to score 6 VP more than Milan to win. That sets up the match.

Oi! ‘ere comes the Ref, looks like he is ready for the coin toss. Up it goes,… and he is signaling that the British kick off the match with the first move.

Fitzroy: Inexperienced Crews, Tom? Combine that with the vehicle notes for the L3/35 and its aa and cc variants that will mean the crews will have the added problem of only being able to make attacks while being buttoned up.

Harris: You are correct Reggie.

Fitzroy: And here comes the Italian column moving onto the pitch. I see that they are moving quite slowly in order to avoid raising much dust. Very thoughtful for the passengers in all of those trucks further back. It must be frightfully hot in those assault guns with the hatches all battened down.

To be continued. 😉
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Aug 16, 2004
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Harris [exclaiming]: There goes the whistle! The match is on. Second Leftenent Vyvyan Gape and his No.1 Troop lead the opening move. I see No 1 Troop has only two cars this afternoon and it looks like Sgt Jenkins in Bravo is striking for the head of the column in the midfield, closing at high speed,… but still avoiding the Hammada.

Quoit the plume of Vehicle Dust (F11.74) being raised by Jenkins as he waces onto the pitch. Note that Vehicle Dust can exist whenever Light Dust is in play. A vehicle that enters a new hex at 2 MP or less will be followed by a Vehicle Dust counter. There are a number of weasons why a vehicle Dust cloud may not be raised but the one that concerns us today is if the vehicle expends a start MP in the hex it leaves. If so, no Vehicle Dust counter is placed.

Oh! And here comes Gape moving hard against the rear of the column.

Fitzroy: Very aggressive moves by Arsenal, Tom. I note that Milan seem non-plussed thus far and suspect they understand that since their assault guns are armed with machine guns only, and that they are in motion, thus halving their FP, they cannot make a TK attempt. They are probably waiting for the Def –

Ah! Yes, that’s right. The two L3s towards the head of column – led by De Luca and Romano in call signs Echo and Foxtrot have pivoted to face Jenkins and attacked on the IFT. No doubt they are hoping for lucky result that may Stun or Pin Jenkins’ crew and force them to button up.

Harris: The Milan response seems muted with all the other vehicles holding their heading. Gape and Jenkins engage targets in the centre of the column, L3aa models manned by Gallo (Alpha) and Ricci (Bravo).

Looks like play is now switching over to the Italian squad.

Fitzroy: No Prep Fire from Milan - Oh my! Would you look at that, the trucks are bolting away to the north, skirting Hammada and using the track as best they can.

Note that Milan’s vehicles have no radios and that SSRs prevent them from using Platoon Movement (D14.2). This means that each vehicle will have to roll for Non-Platoon Movement (D14.23) and with a moral of 6 due to being inexperienced, that could be an issue.

Harris [sniffing]: That may be so, Reginald but they seem to be making out awlroight. Look, Gallo, Ricci, Rocco in Charlie and Russo in Delta have sped north along with the trucks. It looks like Gallo and Ricci will keep going to protect the trucks while Rocco and Russo manoeuvre passed De Luca and Romano. Only De Luca and Romano have stopped in place

Milan is going for the defence.

Fitzroy: Play is back with Gape and Jenkins. Jenkins lines up a shot at Russo as the L3 moves north but the dust and small target size of the L3aa is obviously spoiling his aim. A similar shot by Gape misses Rocco.

The Light Dust (+1 dr/2 FRD), Vehicle Dust (+2 DRM to hit), Motion (+2 DRM to hit) and Very Small target modifiers (+2 DRM to hit) are playing hell – OH, EXCUSE ME. The DRMs are playing the ‘devil’ with shooting. Add to that Case B, Case C, and the chances of a hit drop into the improbable category.

Harris: We’re mov’in into the middle uv the first half and Jenkins tries again for Russo,… the shot goes wide but by just a tiny margin. Gape is starting up and has moved across the track to the west taking up a flanking position on De Luca and Romano but also giving him rear armour facing to Ricci.

De Luca and Romano focus their counter fire on Jenkins. Oh! A strike clear and hard, stitching across the front armour of Arsenal’s Bravo call sign.

Any damage? No,…. no everything seem ok with Jenkins. Gape takes his Advancing Fire shot,… and,… it goes wide of Ricci. Again, all the + DRM are making these sort of bounding fire shots highly unlikely to score a meaningful hit.

Fitzroy: Back to Milan now as De Luca and Romano ignore Gape and focus their attack on Jenkins. Tracers are flying towards Jenkins and,… no, no strikes this time. Most of those missed by some margin. I suppose they must find that staying on Jenkins is the best odds. If one L3 turns towards Gape this would expose the flank to Jenkins. No good options there.

Harris: The rest of Milan continues to dash north, Gallo and Ricci swing about to engage but they are out of normal range at the moment. Oi would think they are probably think’in of moving south once all the trucks are safely away to the north. Rocco and Russo stay with the trucks as they dash north. The trucks have split into two groups and it appears one came to Stop a short time ago. Perhaps it is immobilsed?

No,… by damn, its unloaded a Gun!! A 65* Infantry Gun by the looks uv it. Low velocity but a very good AP shot when compared to Arsenals armoured cars’ protection. This certainly changes the match. Arsenal best watch their flank now, especially with No. 2 Troop due to arrive shortly.

Fitzroy: Both Gape and Jenkins are now engaging De Luca and Romano but I saw only one hit from Gape and it appears to have bounced off the flank of De Luca’s L3.

We’re coming down to the last few minutes of the first half and Gape has to know that Milan is also bringing more L3s into play. He does not appear to be willing to move. If he is not careful, he may be “caught watching the ball”.


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Harris: Jenkins open fire on De Luca, looks like No 1 Troop will double team Milan’s defenders. The shots strikes but clearly bounces off the front plate. No luck yet for the crew of Bravo.

Decision time for Gape. Will he pull back and join Jenkins while No. 2 Troops move up or try his luck with another flank shot against De Luca?

Looks like a shot,… a strike an –


Fitzroy: That was just capital, Tommie. Oh, well done Leftenent Gape. First points on the board go to Arsenal.

Here comes back up from the rest of the squadron. Number Two Troop led by Second Leftenent Deir is in Charlie with Sgt DeFrys in Delta and Corporal Hughes in Echo. They move into a two up position just north of eastern end of the midfield, keeping the small Hillock (F6) between themselves and the Milan howitzer. Hughs is slightly back guarding the flank.

Note that a Hillock is the same as a very thick wall. If you are directly behind the Hillock you can see over it just as you can a wall. Your LOS then continues to the next Hillock (thick wall) and you can see to the hexes directly behind it. Not so complicated when you put it that way. Your LOS changes again if you are ‘on’ a Hillock but we’ll cover that another time.

Harris: The Italian defence responds with Romano the only vehicle in position to make it count. Here comes the shot. Oh, my! A solid hit and,…. it appears that Jenkins car is damaged. The front has sagged entirely and it looks like his front tires and perhaps suspension have been hit. The crew looks like they are staying with the vehicle but are now in a bad position with that Italian gun about 500 metres to their north on their right flank.

Milan’s heavy hitter is Mancini on the gun (Zulu). They seem to be taking deliberate aim,… they step back, Mancini drops his arm and the gunner pulls the lanyard,….

Fitzroy: Nothing! A jam? Broken firing pin? Who knows? Damnedest piece of good luck for Jenkins though.

Deir and his mates open fire now and acquire Romano and Gallo but no hits. Play is passing to Milan…. The clock is sweeping down to the last seconds of the half.

Harris: Here comes Milan’s support. Looks like an L3/35 midfielder under Tomasi (Golf) and two L3aa strikers under Boscolo and De Santis (Hotel and India).

Man On, Gape, me lad!! Man On!!

Now we see if Gape’s decisions to stay and fight was worth the four points earned for the kill.

Fitzroy: I think I have an idea what Gape is thinking, let’s see what happens. Romano shoots again at Jenkins,… and nothing. This dust (+0 to +3), being buttoned up (+1 TH), being Inexperienced (+1 TH) and not being able to acquire a target with machine gun armaments really does make a difference.

Mancini is still struggling with the howitzer so no help for Milan there. Looks like it’s time for Milan to move.

Harris: It looks like Gallo in Alpha failed his move TC but Ricci, Rocco, and Russo are sweeping forward towards the Hillock. Ricci gets into a hull down position facing Hughes but Rocco doesn’t quite make it. Russo looses of a stream of bullets at Deir but they have no effect.

Fitzroy: Down at the south end of the pitch Milan charges into the fray. Tomasi comes in first and sweeps wide and around Gape, taking position to Gape’s east.

Hah! As I thought!! Well done Gape! He goes for the Motion status attempt (D2.401) and due to the number of MP now spent in the LOS to Tomasi the attempt is successful. He could change his VCA as well but it looks like he is holding firm, for now.

Next comes Boscolo who charges right up behind Gape and looses off his machine guns. He can’t try for the kill but he may stun the crew….. no,… nothing. Neither side is really hitting that often and when they do, they don’t seem to be penetrating the armour or bothering the crews much.

Last to move is De Santis as he comes in behind Gape to his west. Gape is surrounded on three sides.

Sticky wicket, wot.

Harris: Reg, just for arguments sake what would the Milan To Hit chance have been if they could try for a TK shot, with and without Gape going into motion.

Fitzroy: Right, let’s run the numbers for the De Santis’ L3 assuming it had a 20L ATR and it had Stopped adjacent to Gape’s car before Gape goes into Motion.

Firer based DRM would be as follows: Case B (+2), Case C [NT] (+3), Case I (+1) and +1 for the Inexperienced Crew for a total of +7 DRM TH.

The Target based DRM are: Case L (-2), Case P (+1) and finally the Light Dust DLV DRM (we will assume a 0 in this case).

Total DRM are +8 and -2 for a TH DRM of +6. At range one the TH# would be 4.

With Gape being in motion all of the Firer based DRM remain (+7) but Target based modifiers Case L is lost and replaced by Case J for an additional +2 DRM. The final DRM is now +10 which means at range one the TH# drops to 0, or becomes an improbable hit.

Harris: That is remarkable. Even more so when one realizes ‘ow quickly the DRMs can stack up in an armoured engagement.

Fitzroy: To true, Tom. It’s why understanding Chapter A, C and D are so important to winning such an engagement.

Harris: Ah! Final defensive move by Arsenal. Both Deir and DeFrys ignore the Milan moves an’ shoot again at Gallo and Romano, Jenkins adds in his shot. No joy as the shots go wide. It looks like the score keepers forgot to flip the -1 Acq markers to -2 but that can be corrected.

And there you go, mate. Gape pivots his VCA towards De Santis in I3 but foregoes the shot. He is now set to dash out of VCA of Boscolo and even enter De Santis’ Location, complicating any shot.


Fitzroy: And there goes the whistle ending the first half! Well,… I don’t know about you, Tom but things are getting quite exciting.

Harris: Too roight, Reg. Wif’ just four VP scored so far Arsenal has not won this match yet and there are now eight Milan assault guns facing off against five Arsenal armoured cars. Milan has three more L3 to bring in after the half as well. This could go either way. “Sticky wicket” indeed.


Fitzroy: What’s on for the listener’s during the half-time break Tom?

Harris: A number adverts from various ministries, some soap makers, ciggy rations,… Oh! ‘ere’s somethin’ unusual. Seems the Trinidad & Tobago Coastal Observation Volunteers will be performing some Steel Band music for the crowd.

Trinidad & Tobago? Crikey, they’re a long way from ‘ome.

Fitzroy: Steel Band music for the crowd? I see four Bedouins, their camels, the RAMC ambulances and some Red Cross observers. What… crowd?

Harris: Want a pint?

Fitzroy: Make mine a sherry.

<<To be continued>>
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Fitzroy: Well, that was lively. I couldn’t keep from moving in my seat as the tempo built. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Harris: That would raise the roof down at the Bell and Goat, that’s for sure. Makes the ‘Big Band’ sound from back ‘ome seem a bit,…. umm,…. stale.

Fitzroy: Quite. Ah, we are about to restart the action – yes, there’s the whistle!

Harris: Play begins again wif’ Leftenent Deir taking ‘is shot at Romano,… hit,… and a bounce.

Over to Defrys as he lines up on his mark,….. he strikes! Ohhhh! The shot goes high and to the right over Gallo’s shoulder.

Plays shifts to Jenkins who takes a quick shot. A hit!! And another bounce! Jenkins shoots again! Another hit!!! Ohhhh, moi, Gawd!! Yet another bounce!

The lads are just not getting through the Milan defence, Reggie. You ‘ave to give Milan their due, they are definitely not rolling over in this match.

Fitzroy: Full points to Jenkins as well, Tommy. By all rights he could not be faulted for abandoning his armoured car and making for the sidelines. If he did and Bravo was killed he would deny Milan 2 points.

I certainly hope there is medal in this for Jenkins and his crew. A ‘Mention in Dispatches” at the very least.

Harris: Couldn’t agree more , Reg.

Looks like Hughes is on the move! Ricci takes a shot from ‘is hull down position, the tracers drop short as Hughes pulls away. He shifts left of Deir,…. Swings his turret to the right,…. Yes, he’ll hold his fire until the Advance Fire Phase for the acquisition.

Fitzroy: Final moves now with Gape. Yes!!! He pops Smoke in his position making any shot from De Santis and Boscolo even more tricky.

That move really jumped up the TH modifiers, Tommy. A quick run through gives us +7 TH DRM. That’s +2 for being in motion, +2 for the Smoke, +1 for being Buttoned Up, +1 for being Inexperienced, +1 for being a Small target. Now there is no Case L for Point Blank, Gape is Motion.

Boscolo shoots! No,.. no,… not even close.

De Santis makes a slight adjustment and fires a long burst!!

That also goes wide of the mark. Gape drives right past De Santis and swings around him and Boscolo. He heads east, closing on Sergeant Tomasi in Milan’s Golf call sign. He comes to halt!! He shoots!!

Ohhhhhh! That was a close one for Tomasi. You could almost see the tracer literally scorch the paint along the left rear of the L3’s superstructure.

Gape is on the move again, drifting south and east a bit more, he swings around and comes to a halt, turret swinging left.

Harris: Oi’ think we’re going to see a very fast paced second half, Reg. The air is literally aloive with excitement.

Fitzroy: I think you’re right, Tom. Both teams seem re-energized and ready to give it their all.

Here comes the Milan defence. Ricci and Russo both take shots at DeFrys but fail to hit. To the west Gallo takes a long shot to try and pin or stun Jenkins,…. No, nothing even close. Romano takes his shot,… he hits Jenkins another solid strike but the Arsenal defences hold.

That leaves Tomasi to the south. He signals a shot at Jenkins as well!!

No, there’s something wrong with Milan’s Golf call sign. Tomasi has thrown open his hatch and grabbed a tool kit, then buttoned up again. Looks like a Main Armament Malfunction, Tom.

Harris: Yes, indeed, Reg. Although it looks loike the wrong marker was placed by the stadium crew. They’ll ‘ave to tidy that up in the Milan phase.


Oh! Look! Mancini managed to repair ‘is howitzer and is engaging Jenkins again. Oi think Mancini may want to have a word wif’ Russo in Delta about not placing unnecessary Hindrances between shooters of the same side. That adds +1 to Mancini’s TH attempt.

Fitzroy: Last action by Hughes. He takes a shot a Russo,… a miss. He does get acquisition.

Speaking of acquisition, we should note that since Gape took a Bounding (First) Fire shot he could not gain acquisition. Only shots in the Advance Fire Phase can gain an “acq” after a vehicle moves.

Harris: Play shifts now to Milan and they’ll bring up three more L3s to the end of the pitch.

Well, look at that Reg, two of the L3s have very long barrels protruding from their superstructures. These must be the new class of assault gun introduced in the last year or so. They call them “tank destroyers”.

The Poles had a similar model last year before they were knocked out of the league. Always ahead of the rest of Europe, them Poles. I’m told the Germans have a larger model based on their own tiny Panzer IB.

Fitzroy: Good eye, Tom. Those L3cc have added punch as those 20L ATRs have a higher To Kill number than Arsenal’s ATRs mounted in either the CS9 or Rolls Royce. Things will get hotter for Arsenal now.

What’s this!!! Look! Tomasi has raised a red flag. His main armament must be disabled and he is now under Recall. That’s a shame,… he is out of the match and will be headed for the locker room.

Harris: ‘ere we go. Mancini let’s fly with the howitzer,… its shot arcs,… and drops in the sand short of Jenkins. Gallo in Alpha passes on his shot but he may try a move. Ricci in Bravo and Rocco in Charlie are out of position behind the Hillock so it looks like they’ll try to make a move as well.

Russo takes shot at DeFrys,…. and his tracers also fly high. Not much success with Milan’s strikes so far, Reg.

Fitzroy: Indeed, Tom. It appears both teams are struggling to strike home to any real effect.

Here comes Romano,… he strikes again at Jenkins,… oh, it looks like just a handful of bullets came from his guns. I’d say that’s a Malfunction. Yes, yes,… there’s the grab for the tool kit.

Boscolo in Hotel pivots around on Gape,… draws his aim,… and, not surprisingly, the shot goes wild.

Pivoting a NT vehicle and shooting is always a chancy affair. The TH DRM were high from the outset - +3 for changing CA with an NT vehicle/Gun, +1 for Buttoned Up, +1 for Inexperienced Crew and +1 for small target. Add in the drop in probability for range and one quickly sees the problem. That said, taking the shot did place the front armour towards Gape. Full points to Milan for that.

Harris: Milan is signaling they’re ready to move. Gallo looks confused,… no, no move from Gallo. He must ‘ave missed the signal from the sideline.

Now Ricci,… no movement yet. I don’t think he’s on to it, Reg, daydreaming maybe? His opportunity passes.

Milan’s Charlie is next,… he starts, …, rolls over the Hillock and takes a hull down position in the backfield of all three cars from No. 2 Troop. Good positioning by Rocco. He can’t try for a kill at the moment but he can try for the exposed crews – there’s the shot. A burst goes flying passed DeFrys.

De Santis in India also looking about. Doesn’t seem quite sure what to do. No, he seems rooted the spot. No move.

What’s up with the Milan heavies, Reg?

Fitzroy: Well, Tom, here they come. Looks like a full-blooded charge along the south edge of the pitch and aimed right at Arsenal’s Gape. That’s Rudolpho Caputo in Juliet as he drives at full speed over the track and through some Hammada, raising a great plume of Vehicle Dust behind him. He isn’t stopping, remaining in Motion, his dust will hinder any supporting fire for Gape coming from No. 2 Troop.

Here’s Milan’s Assistant, Capitano D’Avanos, in Kilo racing eastwards with his tank destroyer. Oh! He pulls up short with his VCA facing Gape at a range of 2. It’s a bit short of Caputo’s dust that could have given him cover from Two Troop but still a very savvy move. This means that whatever Gape does, D’Avanos will not need to do much but shoot at him.

Finally, here come the Milan squad’s lead man, Maggierre Sibille, call sign Lima, also in an L3cc. He swings around behind Gape – and yes! There it is. Gape jumps into Motion again and this time swings his car around to face Sibille. Any shots at Gape will be tough hits now, Tom.

Harris: Over to Arsenal’s defence. Gape is in motion and waves off any shot. Jenkins abandons his attempt to knock out Romano and swings his turret around to shoot at D’Avanos. There’s the shot,… a miss! Another shot! A hit!! Oh, dear oh dear oh dear, I really thought that second shot would go through the side armour.

Now it’s over to Deir. He holds his aim on Romano,…shoots,…. hit!! <pause> No, again, no penetration. Are the lads firing live ammunition? The Arsenal squad must be very frustrated.

Fitzroy: It happens Tom. Some days one should just stay in bed.

Harris: Over to DeFrys now. He aims for Russo, the shot,…. and -


Russo 'as exploded in a ball of fire!! That little L3 ‘as literally come apart right before our eyes, Reg! Bits and pieces of the assault gun and the crew are raining down all over the pitch near the explosion!

Wot a screamer that was!! Roight out uv the blue!! Who woulda thought that would happen!

Oi’d say that ‘ad to a be Critical Hit (C3.7).

Fitzroy <groans>: My word, Tom, what a ghastly sight. I think I may be ill.

Harris: Steady on Reg. Here, you sit back and take a few breaths an’ ‘ave a good pull on your bottle of sherry. That’ll settle your tummy.

As Oi was say’in folks. That looked loik a Critical Hit t’me. As per C3.72 a CH (not applicable to machine guns) doubles the Basic TK# of weapon used. In this case the normal TK number of 5 for an ATR becomes a 10, which appears to ‘ave been more than enough to overmatch the poor L3s armour in this case.

If we also check C7.6 we see that if the final TK DR is equal to half or less of the final TK number then the vehicle becomes a burning wreck.

‘ow you doing, Reggie?

Fitzroy <exhaling>: Just fine, Tom. Thank you.

Harris: Well,… that shot just put Arsenal within range of winning the match. They now have 8 points to Milan’s zero. The ‘alf is only about a third of the way through so Arsenal cannot rest yet but they are definitely in a better place than just two minutes ago.

Fitzroy: Look over at Milan’s Mancini. He is livid with rage and has just dashed his helmet to the ground. Quite clearly the flames and Smoke caused by Russo’s demise has complicated his line of site to Jenkins even further.

Harris: Hmmpff!! If Oi were the ref, I’d yellow card ‘im for that display.

Fitzroy: Quite right, Tom. Despite everything, one must retain one’s composure and be sporting about these things.

Harris: Aw’right, then. That just leaves Hughes and it looks like e’ll take Rocco under fire. A shot,… it strikes the Hillock in front of the L3. See that, Reg, hull down does work. If that Hillock wasn’t there that shot would have hit the lower hull, maybe another kill.

Fitzroy: Not much action remains for Milan. D’Avanos and Sibille take their shots at Gape but they’ll have to be satisfied with acquisition markers for now.

Neither Gallo nor De Santis look like they will risk a long-range shot at any crews. So, that’s it, now we move into the midway point of the second half.


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Fitzroy: Looks like Romano has not sorted out his weapons issues as he gives the thumbs down to his coach. Milan certainly does not want another recall, they need every gun now to try and score points against Arsenal.

Gape signals a move so Jenkins leads off for Arsenal with a shot a D’Avanos,… it’s a miss. Deir shoots again at Romano,… a hit!! And yet another bounce!

This has to be some sort of record, Tom. I don’t think I have seen so many good chances for a kill come up empty in a very long time.

Ah! Another mis-label by the grounds crew. Deir should not have an “Intensive Fire” marker on him. ATRs cannot use C5.6. Grounds manager must be new at this.

DeFrys also signals a move so it’s on to Hughes. A shot,…. and the Hillock absorbs another hit,… potentially saving Rocco from some trouble.

Harris: Gape looks like he tried for both his SD5 and crew smoke and both came up empty. Loik Oi’v said many time, Reg, both methods of smoke placement are nice to ‘ave but don’t count on ‘em to save your backside lest you foind yourself gravely disappointed.

‘ere we go. Gape charges at Sibille,… D’Avanos takes his shot! A miss!! Boscolo does the same! Ugh! Another miss.

Gape circles around to the east along the extreme edge of the pitch and then cuts north to join the line-up of Two Troop. Caputo and Sibille both take shots but their aim is off the mark once again.

It looks like Gape has also put himself just out of line of sight of the Milan howitzer. Gape does have a good head on ‘is shoulders. That lad is really on the ball.

Fitzroy: Look there! DeFrys starts up but Rocco passes on his shot. He may be trying for the rear shot at Deir.

DeFrys circles back along the eastern edge of the pitch and comes to a halt 120 metres from Rocco left-rear flank.

Harris: There is not a lot left for Milan at this point. Rocco fires at Deir and ‘is crew rather than make the To Hit attempt. Not sure about that being the best choice, especially wif’ dust being such a variable factor.

Mancini’s howitzer fires at Jenkins,… a miss! He shoots again!...Ohhhh, that was close.

The Heat Haze, Light Dust, Smoke hindrance and Low velocity gun penalties at that range are making a hit far more unlikely than if we were Europe, Reg. Even wif’ a -2 acquisition the TH number is only a 5 and then the Dust DRM must be added. Mancini’s frustration is much more understandable in light of those numbers.

Fitzroy: Final shots to Arsenal. Gape tries a shot at D’Avanos through his own vehicle dust with no result. DeFrys also tries for Rocco and misses. Looks like Rocco and DeFrys are set for a classic shoot out at close range.


Harris: Play moves over to Milan. Gallo signals a move as does Ricci,… looks like Rocco in Charlie will take his shot at DeFrys. His tracers hit!!!! And once again the shots fail to do any damage at all, Reg.

Fitzroy: Still, that was good shooting on Rocco’s part. He had +3 for an NT VCA change, +1 for being Buttoned-up, +1 for Inexperienced crew and +1 because DeFrys is a small target. Note also that DeFrys made sure he remained outside the 80 metre range to avoid giving any negative To-Hit modifiers to Rocco.

Harris: A shot from Romano!?! ‘e must have fixed his machine guns!

Goodness me, another wild flurry that misses by a mile.

Fitzroy: Now it’s up to Boscolo and De Santis. They both signal a move,… and now Caputo does as well.

D’Avanos and Sibille are both lining up shots with those enormous guns on their Destroyers and let fly!!

No,… again, not even close. I don’t think they can complain about the Dust in this case. At least they can add a -2 Acquisition. Those should come in handy if the Vehicle Dust dissipates.

That leaves Mancini and he seems almost disinterested as his crew fires through Dust, Flames from Russo’s wreck and now the Vehicle Dust raised by Gallo.

Yes,… the shot goes wild,… extremely so. That one ended up in Chad, I think.

Harris: Oi!! That was a good one, Reg. Very clever.

Fitzroy: Milan is on the move now. Gallo starts up and is coming on at full speed,… Deir is swinging around on him. The shot!!! A hit!!! A most palpable hit, Tom.

Gallo is slowing,…slowing,… and comes to stop. There is now sign of movement there, Tom.

Harris: Uh!! Here comes the ground crew with a large white sign,…. “SHOCK”.

Fitzroy: That’s right, Tom. As per C7.4 a direct fire shots such as that which struck Gallo is one greater than the final TK number there is a possibility the vehicle crew will be “Shocked” if an upper hull/turret hit equals the To Kill number then the shock is automatic. Looks like this one is an automatic shock.

During the next Rally Phase the Milan coach will have make a dr and if the result is a 1 or 2, Gallo will be fine. On a dr 3-6 the marker will flip to a “UK” signaling an ‘unconfirmed kill”. That will mean another dr in a later Rally Phase.

Mancini over at Milan’s howitzer won’t be happy. The Vehicle Dust raised by Gallo will make a hit against Jenkins almost improbable.

Harris: Too roight Reg. It seems that bit by bit this match is slipping away from Milan. If Gallo doesn’t ‘get back in’ that’s another four points for Arsenal.

‘ere comes Ricci in Bravo. He starts up and comes over the Hillock and swings in behind Deir and Hughes. It’s pity a machine gun can’t make a To Kill attempt if it is halved for any reason, Reg. But that is what the A9.61 in the rules state.

While Ricci is in a good spot behind Two Troop he is exposed his own rear aspect to DeFrys.

We may be seeing a full attack by the Milan squad.

Fitzroy: I think you’re right, Tom. Boscolo over by the track in Hotel has started up and raced forward so he has Gape, Jenkins and Hughes in range for shots.

Yes, there it is. Hughes swings his turret a bit and takes the shot,…. it goes wild.

Harris: Looks loike De Santis is again hanging back. He hasn’t seemed too keen on engaging so far and being at long range all he can do is harass Gape with some bursts.

Fitzroy: Caputo is on the move and he also drives deep behind the Arsenal line.

You know, Tom, if Gallo had not been shocked, Arsenal would be boxed in at the moment by four Italian assault guns. Outside the box are five more assault guns and tank destroyer. This isn’t over yet despite the time remaining on the clock and the Arsenal lead in points.

Harris: To roight, Reg. Milan is pressing hard and if they can convert a couple of the deep thrusts into kills we may yet see Milan pull this out.

We’re over to Arsenals final defensive shots.

Gape draws a bead on Sibille,… a miss. Jenkins tries again for D’Avanos,… and yet another miss.

Fitzroy: That leaves DeFrys in Delta. He is now facing Rocco’s front armour as he takes the shot.

A Hit!! An –


Fitzroy: I do love your enthusiasm, Tom.

Harris: Oh, my, Reg! Good on DeFrys for the kill and the move to put ‘im in a position to make it. That was a cracking good shot and since no crew appears to have emerged that’s four more points for Arsenal!

Milan needs to score and score quickly or this may be over. This is even more likely if Gallo doesn’t recover from his shock.

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Fitzroy: That is true, Tom. As we enter the last few minutes of the second half Arsenal has built a comfortable but not insurmountable lead.

There’s not much Arsenal needs to do at this point but stay alive and try to get more points to pad the score. Milan must score at least two kills, one that includes a crew, in order to have a chance now. That is providing they have no other assault guns or tank destroyers knocked out.

Harris: Milan has signaled that Gallo is indeed a “UK”.

Gape opens Arsenal’s attack with a shot at Sibille,… a hit! No, no damage again, Tom. Although there does appear to be a misplaced marker on the pitch. “Immobilized”,… the grounds crew will need to take care of that.

Harris: Jenkins is ready for ‘is shot,… he hits,… and it looks like that may be a SHOCK against D’Avanos, Reg. Milan’s coach is looking very agitated and ‘as begun pacing up and down the sidelines.

Fitzroy: Deir has swung his turret completely around and shoots at Rocco. A hit! Looks like track damage, Tom. Here comes the groundsmen with a big white “Immobilized” sign.

Is Rocco and his driver staying with the vehicle,… yes, they are.

DeFrys swings his turret left. Looking for another goal no doubt. He shoots!... No,… that shot went wide of the mark.

Harris: Hughes takes ‘is shot at Boscolo,…. A clear miss.

That should do it for Arsenal. With no moves signaled it’s over to Milan’s defence.

Ricci in Bravo takes ‘is shot at Deir! Nothing. Tsk! Milan is just not getting those badly needed shots.

Fitzroy: Romano signals his latest shot at Jenkins. Oh, noooo!! Romano’s guns are malfunctioned again. What bad luck for Milan, and what good luck for Arsenal.

Boscolo looses off a long stream of bullets against Hughes. The rounds strike home,…. Gracious!! Again the Arsenal armour holds and the Milan shots bounce off.

De Santis passes even on a long range shot versus Gape.

Harris: Looks loike a double teaming of Milan’s Caputo and Sibille against Gape, Reg.

A blizzard of 20 mm and machine bullets have struck Gape’s car and it looks like he’s crippled.

Yes, yes,…. There they come. Gape’s crew are abandoning their Royals Royce. Did Milan manage to retain any extra shots to try and hit the crew while bailing out?

No,… other than Mancini’s howitzer that’s it for Milan’s defence.

Oi think Mancini has lost all hope. He’s laying on the ground lazily throwing small stones in the air. His crew is still engaged but their shots go very wide.

While Oi grant that ‘is To Hit probabilities are not great, he still ‘as a chance. The range is 13-18 and he is on the red To Hit numbers so his base TH is 7. There is +2 for the burning wreck, +2 for the Vehicle Dust, +1 for a low velocity gun at this range and +1 for the Intense Heat Haze and then the variable Light Dust DRM.

Mancini does have a -2 for double acquisition so his final modifiers are +6 with a -2 ending up with a +4. That’s a DR 3 To Hit plus any dust….

… Well, okay, I see what he means,… but he should stay in the game. When the Vehicle Dust dissipates that TH number will climb to a 5.


Fitzroy: We’re down to the very end now, Tom. If Milan can’t score big and very quickly, Arsenal will win this match hands down.

Harris: Oi think at this point Milan may just be ‘appy to put some points on the board, Reg, but you are right. Milan has manoeuvered a number of their AFVs into good positions. They need to capitalize on this good play.

Looks loike the crowd is thinning, too, Reg. One of our Bedouin’s is heading off wif’ ‘is camel.

Fitzroy: Milan’s coach has just dashed his clipboard to the ground. It appears Gallo is indeed dead. That means Arsenal now has 16 points to naught for Milan.

Good news is that D’Avanos is back in action. The Shock must have been very mild.

Oh, no. Romano in Milan’s Foxtrot call sign has signaled a recall. His machine guns are out of action. This is bad news as it leaves just five AFVs and the howitzer to score at least 11 points for Milan to win. Milan just can’t seem to get a break today, Tom.

Harris: Looks loike Mancini is up on ‘is feet and has shooed ‘is gunner away from the howitzer. Mancini is going to take the shot himself. He’s taking his time,… steps back with the lanyard,… there’s the pull!!

Nothing!! Could it be?? Mancini walks up to the gun,…. Resets,… there is the pull!!

Again, nothing!!!! The gun has malfunctioned!!

Mancini has removed ‘is ‘elmet and runs 'is fingers through ‘is hair,… he’s shakes 'is head. He turns,… and is walking off the pitch. Mancini has had enough and is calling it a day.

Fitzroy: I can’t say that I blame him much, Tom. That howitzer held a powerful punch and it gained Milan nothing. Poor lad. Still,.. he has kept his composure in the face of what must be a crushing disappointment.

Harris: It’s all up to the Milan AFVs now, Reg, no more mov'in about.

Rocco lines up ‘is shot at Deir,… a miss.

Boscolo in India against Hughes…. another miss.

Caputo tries for Gape and his crew,…. nothing.

Final hope for at least some points is now wif’ D’Avanos and Sibille and their tank destroyers. D’Avanos shoots! A Hit on Gape’s abandoned car but it appears to have failed to do any damage.

Sibille’s shot!... wide of the mark.

That’s it, Reg. A clean sheet for Arsenal today. Will they even bother with their final defensive shots?

Fitzroy: Looks like they will, Tom.

Deir and DeFrys take their turns at Rocco. Two hits!! Rocco and his driver are bailing out.

Jenkins’ shot goes wide of D’Avanos.

Finally there is Hughes. He shoots at Boscolo! There’s a hit!! And a kill, Tom!!

Harris: Well,… Oi’d normally be thrilled for our boys but this just seems lioke rubbing Milan’s nose in it, Reg.

The match is over. Let’s leave the Milan squad to go ‘ome in peace.

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Chalk it up to plenty of spare time, boredom and really bad weather. About 15 years ago I did up a narrative for a KGP I, it's likely buried 'way back' in the old AARs.
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It felt to me like you were channeling Jim McLeod. Well done, sir.