AAR - Lost in a Day - KGS9 - Chipping away at Ice!


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Nov 5, 2005
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Hi All

Jeff and I have started to play through the KGS series by PBEM and we started the historical series with this "summer" combined arms scenario: It consists of about 2-3 companies of Ruskies with 5 tanks pitted against the heros of Kholm in 2 company size with 2 ATGs, 2 Mtrs and a lot of bravery

Jeff's a very senior tactician and a pleasure to play games with - great player and great rules knowledge

KGS9 looks and plays very straight forward and is a good intro scenario into the series with SSRs that are light and nothing special in the module rules that cant be done easily

It is played in the NE corner where there is plenty of cover for fire and move, a good gully to flank people and potentially a height! (level 1 is not much)

We decided for our partnership in PBEM that Jeff will always take the hero's :smoke: so I did my first attack with the Russians and lots of ferocity :bite:

A simple "Take the City Approach was used" - Fire Power - followed by moving into position - blast away again - Use flankers down the gully - and try and get tanks into position but no too close ......

All seemed easy but played much harder! :nuts:

Every step forward by the Russian hammer was rebuffed by the Germans who then he fell back in good order - literally we played to the last turn with only 1/2 a block being the biggest distance I was able to exploit in any turn

Where I underestimated the scenario was that the terrain does make rapid movement hard - everything is debris or rubble like Stalingrad so I went much slower and open ground was murderous any time I tried a quick dash!

And the tanks - channeled well by the terrain are not invulnerable - I really played like a tread head and though he was easy meat - drive up to him and blow him away :devious:

I actually lost in the end when no tank was left mobile - one of those VCs you hate! to have as a tread-head :OHNO:

So a great first game for Jeff and I and a great introduction into KHOLM with terrain being the lesson :upset: and tanks being the sacrificial lamb - wont do that again :shy:

A few more summer romps ahead including the monster "May Day" :crosseye: - hope to keep you all updated


Rob :clown:
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Jun 15, 2014
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Ahhh - you got to get into the snow!
KGS gets very interesting when the white stuff is falling and it is time to break out the snow suits, also the winter is IMHO even better than the summer map, and that is an awesome map as it is.