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May 21, 2009
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Buenos Aires
Today I decided to try this new release from the Indochine Battleset.

The strategic idea is :
1-To block aerial attacks from Indochina,covering that aerial corridor with Harriers, Typhons and F-16 .
2-To use Helos with sonobuoys searching for enemy goblins who may appear on the road home
3-Order own subs to sweep the area.

Some minutes after the scen begins lots (lots) of boogies come from the enemy base and I get really busy launching planes and
trying to shot down an important wave of aereal enemies.There I could find Migs 21, Fulcrum,Mig23 and 25, Yak 141, j-8´s and some EW too
Those guys were very hard to fight but sidewinders and AIM120 did their job
Later the sonobuoys detect a goblin 5 miles away from my CVBG but and an inmediate action from the helos sent him to the bottom, I was just recovering when another sub just appeared.I really don´t know where this guy came from, but he took 2 of mi ships down..:mad:
By this time my CVBG was approaching Tactical point , but only with 4 of the 5 ships needed to get a victory.
I passed the point towards RefPoint HOME but 10 miles away one of the relevant ships to get a victory was also sunk (Araphao MRCH)
by a heavy missile attack, so in spite of arriving to RefPoint HOME I couldn´t get the Victory Conditions.

An interesting and challenging scen, with no time to take a breath.

If you think you are a good Harpoon player, test yourself with this ...:smoke:

(Thanks Aotino for your work)

Hoy decidi probar este nuevo escenario del Battleset Indochine

La idea estrategica es:
1-Bloquear ataques aereos de Indochina, cubriendo el corredor aereo con Harriers,Typhons y F-16
2-Usar los helicopteros con sonoboyas para buscar goblins enemigos que puedan aparecer camino a casa.
3-Ordenar a los submarinos propios que barran el area.

Unos minutos luego que el escenario empiece montones(montones) de boogies vienen de la base aerea enemiga y estoy realmente ocupado lanzando aviones y tratando de derribar una ola importante de enemigos aereos.Pude encontrar Migs 21, Fulcrum,Mig23 y 25, Yak 141, j-8´s y algunos EW tambien.
Estos tipos fueron dificiles pero los Sidewinders y AIM120 hicieron su trabajo.
Mas tarde las sonoboyas detectan un goblin a 5 millas de mi CVBG pero la inmediata accion de los helicopteros lo mando al fondo del mar.Recien me estaba recuperando cuando aparecio otro submarino, no se de donde vino pero se llevo dos de mis barcos
A esta hora mi CVBG estaba aproximandose al Tactical Point, pero solo con cuatro de los cinco barcos necesarios para obtener una victoria.
Pase este punto hacia RefPoint HOME pero 10 millas mas lejos uno de los barcos relevantes para ganar fue hundido (Araphao MERCH) por una lluvia de misiles,por lo que a pesar de llegar al RefPoint HOME no pude lograr las Condiciones de Victoria.

Un escenario interesante y desafiante,sin tiempo para tomar un respiro.

Si pensas que sos un buen jugador de Harpoon,deberias probarlo :smoke:

(Gracias Aotino por tu trabajo)

Herman Hum

Composite Warfare Command
Jul 17, 2004
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Very nice After-Action Report. Good to see that all the weapons fired properly.

Thank you for taking the time to share this AAR in both English and Castilian. :)