1. Robin Reeve

    PBeM - using Dropbox or Drive ?

    Hi all, As the to and fro of emails during a PBeM game can be heavy (especially when gmail stacks emails one upon the other, and you have to go down the page to fish out a logfile), have some of you tried to simply save logfiles in a common folder of a cloud saving system (e.g. Dropbox or...
  2. A

    Looking for ASLSK VSAL PbEM intro game

    Hi all, I'm a relatively new ASLSK player (three F2F games of SK1) frustrated with the difficulty of finding face to face players. I've not played PbEM before but am confident I've got an understanding of the process and would love to have a game with someone who won't be frustrated by the...
  3. L

    Opponent wanted for FtF, PBEM, and/or Vassal live

    Hey all! I am a relatively new but experienced ASL player looking to fill my roster up with games. I would generally like to play experienced people at the game and would appreciate them being patient with some of my unfamiliarity with some of the rules, though I think I am pretty solid on...
  4. B

    LF PBeM ladder game

    Looking for a ladder PBeM game. I have BV, Paratrooper, Partisan, and FB so I would only be able to do something ETO. I would be up for third party or scenarios that I don't have but would need a scam or run down of VC/SSR. I am looking at a log every 1-2 days. Please let me know if you...
  5. SFiedler

    PBEM vasl game wanted

    Hi, Looking for a game, preferably CG. High turnaround rate 3-5 logs a week or more. Occasional live vasl possible if schedules match. Love Festung Budapest, been thinking about VOTG. Other suggestions welcome however. Looking forward to your reply Stefan
  6. A

    Need an opponent? Look no further...

    Are you thrashing your AI relentlessly? Do you need a real challenge? Why not take on some real player opposition? Join the Blitz! At The Blitz (http://www.theblitz.org) wargaming club we support over 100 PC games in these categories: Ancient Wars, Black Powder, Campaign Series, Combat...
  7. Count_Zero

    CyberASL Open Resurrected?

    Per a suggestion, I have posted this question out here. Is there interest in resurrecting a PBEM tournament similar to the one Cryophobia was doing? If so, how much? See discussion in THIS thread for background.
  8. R

    Operational and Tactical players wanted

    Hi all I run a WW2 game via email. We are at March 1940 but short of players to do it right. This is a very detailed play by email wargame. Turns are 11 days = 1 game month. Players take roles as leaders, generals, and admirals and work on either the Allied or Axis side to fight the war...
  9. H

    PBEM games

    Hi all, can someone either tell me or point me in the direction of some information on how you are supposed to play PBEM games? I would have thought that the interactive nature of the movement phase with the various defensive fire types would make that part particularly difficult, as well as...