1. BigAl737

    VASL Overlay Extension

    This thread serves as the reference point for all things regarding the VASL Overlay Extension. Update Jan 2022: v2.10 has gone active. Version 2.10 adds DASL overlays dx10-21. You can get it here: http://vasl.info/extensions.htm (The link above says scenarios but it takes you to the right...
  2. A Lost Canadian

    Overlay RR13

    Trying to set up ASL165 Nothing but Courage. Requires overlay RR13. I keep getting this error: The overlap repeats itself on board 17 and where it should be on board 42/44. What would would cause this? Am I just screwing up how to input overlaps?
  3. volgaG68

    Overlay Tactiques Overlays 2016-09-17

    These are the original hedge overlays designed for the Tactiques scenarios. Since their release, other publishers have included these overlays in their designs as well. [EDIT: For some reason, two of the overlay numbers are switched. The one labeled Hd9 should be labeled Hd10, and Hd10 should be...
  4. volgaG68

    Overlay Bridge Overlays 2016-09-17

    A helpful Player Aid that removes the clutter of counters from your map. It contains overlays for both standard and pontoon bridges of varying lengths. I'm not sure who originally developed this, but I personally thank him because I use them all the time.
  5. Rock SgtDan

    Index to Overlay abbreviations & source of the overlay?

    Hi ?? RR (Rivers to the Reich maybe?) There's gotta be an official abbreviation for the source of every overlay. And they need to be in the RB Index.
  6. S

    Overlay Bundle Updates?

    I'm just curious about this one because I own all the overlays except the ones I don't! Which sadly are from Journal 4 & AP 2 (as I suspect a lot of folks!). I've now run into scenarios that need those and I'm kinda bummed I have to wait for this mythical reprint to happen! :( Here's hoping...
  7. Delirium

    Action Pack II Overlays

    I was recently taking a look at the list of official maps and overlays, most of which I have, the exception being the overlays which were included with Action Pack 2 and Journal 4. Both products are out of print and quite difficult (and beyond my means) to procure. Are there any plans to...
  8. SgtStahler

    All Overlays Ever...?

    I used to shy away from scenarios with overlays because they seem like a pain. I am recently coming around to how a designer can subtly alter even familiar maps with a couple well placed overlays. Neat... I dont want to open that debate though. What I would like to know is what would be the...
  9. Faded 8-1

    The exciting world of overlay storage

    So I bought a photo album (the 'magnetic' kind, with the cellophane flaps that fold over the tacky cardboard) thinking it would be a good way to store my overlays. There's two problems with it. One, it's not big enough to hold the large overlays, like the ocean overlays, the rice paddies, etc...