1. Michael R

    Videos of tanks: Ontario Regiment Museum during their Aquino Weekend

    This Italian M14/41 was visiting from the CFB Borden armour museum.
  2. Robin Reeve

    BoF8 Sting if the Italian Hornet

    BoF8 Sting if the Italian Hornet (soloing). The Canadian concedes on Turn 6 (there are 6.5 turns for the scenario), as he won't manage to get the seven stone buildings in addition to the two factories (which he is not sure to control at game end). The Italians were tougher than expected and...
  3. Michael R

    Video about Italian light mortar

    Someone at BoardGameGeek posted a link to this video.
  4. Michael R

    Scenario hunting

    I am lining up scenarios for a mini-tournament whose theme is the Sherman tank. Naturally, the bulk of the scenarios are American versus German, but I have several other allies and one with Japanese. I looked for a scenario that has Italians against Shermans. I found only "The Guns Of Naro"...