1. RandyT0001

    Partial list of scenario fortification in MMP scenarios. v1

    Partial list of MMP scenarios with fortifications. I plan to add other TPP products as time allows.
  2. EJ1

    Revealed HIP Fortification & Its HIP Units

    Q: A foxhole and squad are setup HIP; the foxhole is revealed by enemy LOS and placed on board; is the squad therefore revealed, and if so, in what way or to what degree? Example: is the squad still hidden, concealed, totaly revealed (A12.31), or other? Thanks
  3. K

    Fortification Location

    What is a Fortification Location? Is it any hex which contains a fortification? Or is it being IN a fortification (which is sometimes a separate location than the rest of the hex)? [I know IN is used for gullies/depressions, but I'm using it here to indicate the unit is claiming entrenchment...