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  • Lee,

    We've got a game group here in town MSBGC, just a warning, we have all types of gamers in the group, so don't let that put you off (the group plays primarily Euros, but we have a fair sized wargame crowd that has played FC, SFC, ASL, SL EiA, etc.). There are roughly 4 or 5 of us that either play, are learning, or looking to get back into ASL. Most of us are between our late 20s to mid 40s.

    John Richert
    Hi ! My name is Lee Thornton, I live in Jackson, TN and I saw your message about ASL in Memphis. You have a shop where you play regularly? I'm new but gungho and would love to find a shop and/or folks to play with. I have myself and 2 or 3 friends, we are just starting to play ASL. We played 40K for years, but school and kids have limited hobbies, anyway, thanks in advance for any info.

    THANKS !
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