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  • Join Canadian ASL club, go to the Canadian Open, there are HEAPS of super nice Canadian ASL'ers who I know will be more than willing to help a new fellow out. Welcome and godspeed on your ASL journey:)
    I wanted a good fellowing character and I was in a good guild/kinship at the time. I'm still very wanted on PUGs so that's good. As it was, the minstrel was an awesome soloer for a while too before they nerfed them.

    As for being a "minstrel" it is a little "fruity" I agree!
    And blasting my minstrel to 60th level in LOTRO.


    What's the attraction?

    I have a hunter up to level 25 or so but I'm not that serious about it. I like the hunter because he runs faster than the others. I tried restarting as a champion and got to level 5 undefeated to get the "Wary" title but missed the ability to do some of the hunter-class stuff, and redoing all the same quests was a bit of a drag.

    Most of the quests are easily enough done solo, but I've often wondered if it wouldn't be fun to join with one or two really solid people in a permanent fellowship. I've been in a couple of fellowships for like 10 minutes or so - they tend to dissolve on quest completion without so much as a thank-you ma'am.
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