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  • Thanks, truer words have seldom been spoken. All you have to do is look around and see the problems that youth are experiencing these days and wonder what the heck their parents were thinking.
    You think SA has strange selection policies! We've apparently done little/nothing to plan for life after Warne/McGrath. Lee was always a little bit over-rated (IMO), we haven't got a decent spinner, and some of the pacemen are highly suseptible to injury. Added to that, I think practically everyone in the test side (except Michael Clark) are over 30, I think we'll struggle to keep pace with SA and India.

    I really enjoyed the test series, mainly because it was played in such good spirit. The last series against India was awful - our boys have a reputation for being poor sports (not undeserved), but the Indians are awful. Maybe all the money and power have gone to their heads.
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