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  • The rep system is a quick and easy way to respond individually to the poster, so I would be happy if it was not restricted at all and just do away with the points part of it. End of issues, right?
    "HA! Getting a kick out of watching the change in rep thingy. What a heap 'o effort over nada."

    Ed Zachry! :clap: I'm kinda surprised at some of the more serious ASLers giving a flying f*ck about it. I seem to be one of the few who cares so little about it and I lost my "status" as it were. :laugh: Yeah it was important but mainly cuz of the comments I got to read. We still have that so who cares about the reset? ;)
    I see you tried to Private Message me? Sorry about that - I'm bad at keeping my inbox clear. You're welcome to email at madorosh@shaw.ca or use the Visitor Message feature. Interesting info on the tourneys.
    I try to play once a week, but with real life scheduling issues, it averages out to more like once every two weeks. Checking my personal history in ROAR, I see I played 17 scenarios in 2008.
    Yes, Mark. It is indeed Rick. I don't spend too much time here because most of the discussions are overly juvenile. I have better ways of spending my time than reading that trash. I just stop by occasionally looking for new product announcements and errata.
    Went there 4 different days and played no scenarios. Had a great time just talking and hoisting brews with the guys. Be looking for you next year - somebody needs to be there to keep them Swedes in line when they return (ever notice how they show up on the "odd" years?)
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