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  • I still don't have a working PC atm - need a new rig I am afraid. I am writing from work, but I don't really get much chance to do anything post-wise from here, so it's all down-time until I can get enough saved for a new rig. Could I ask a favor - would you please let the TOAW crowd know that I need a new setup pls? Thanks L'z!
    Planning on sticking around awhile, O Large and Powerful insect?

    Or is this another set of 'drive-by' postings? LOLOLOL!
    Shane, I draw your attention to the new 'Toaw University' sub-forum at GS.

    We're looking for old and new articles mostly pertaining to 'What every NuB needs to know..' for the FAQ and RESOURCES section, eh?

    Got 'links' and/or something more general than your EA articles up your sleeve?

    Obviously, we can use all the help we can get here, LOL! If so, please send them to Wyatt at which will be the 'open' e-addy for this project.

    We could certainly use the patronage of an old master, LOL!
    Finestkind! Just getting older and slower, eh?

    The Wife want's to emmigrate to Edmunton again/or round two of still...

    Better check your 'household security' LOL! Stranger things have happened!

    Nice to see your occasional post, the forums miss you, eh? Now I'm stuck with only Wyatt to harrass, LOL!
    I don't think I'll be able to be on the way I used to, but yes, I'm hoping to be regular again!

    How are ya, anyways? :D
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