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    Winter Offensive Non-ASL games

    Hi all, I am attending the 2015 Winter Offensive to primarily play ASL but would love to get in a game of TCS, SCS, or GTS as long as it doesn't take up the entire weekend. If anyone is interested, please post your preference and I will try bring the stuff needed. Derek.
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    Doomed Battalions Counters

    Hi all, I was wondering if the 2nd edition counters for Doomed Battalions are die cut in the new style where the flash or fluff is at the corners instead of the middle of the side.
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    FURY's AAMGs

    I would expect a better portrayal of the U.S. army. Using your logic the Germans had the right to commit atrocities against the Russians who surrendered because of the war crimes committed in the baltic states, Poland, and to their own people??? I should hope that we hold ourselves to a higher...
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    FURY's AAMGs

    it was a great movie other than the storyline, the characters, the predictability, the love scene, the terrible tactics used by both sides, the over acting, the cliche heroism, the way it made the U.S. army look like a gang of murderers. Enough mud already. We know it's muddy. Getting shot...
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    Hedge sanp shot

    If I assault move over a hedge and someone takes a snapshot, is it a straight up shot or +1?